Sunday, March 30, 2014


Oh Marchy March 2014... The month we've been anticipating since October 2012. 
The most important thing that's happened this month is this handsome man's graduation from the Washington State Patrol's academy! -an event that deserves a whole blog post to itself! 

He has been assigned to Bellevue, which is right next to Seattle! Yay, right?? That's where we've been wanting to go! Except we didn't really consider the astronomical cost of living up there. 
So instead of living in a quaint loft in Seattle....

(but definitely NOT Pioneer Square area, as pictured above)
We'll be living in Tacoma instead! #tear #butstillyay! Actually I'm pretty much in love with our new apartment. We don't move in 'til the 12th of April, but I'm super stoked. The fact that a tiny studio in Seattle or Bellevue costs $1200+ makes me reeeeeallllllllyyyyyy miss Utah!

Oh and might I draw your attention to my long, unhealthy, black/blonde hair in that picture? Welllll....

I chopped it off!! Or rather my talented sister-in-law, Carly, chopped it, and my stylist, Brandi, thinned the crap out of it and corrected the color! Hoo-freakin-ray! 

Another big deal in our lives is our shiny new car! After just 15,000 miles our Mini's clutch decided to give out... So either we really suck at driving stick, or there's a problem with Mini. We're pretty sure it's the latter because otherwise Mini would have made us pay the $3000 it cost to replace it. Yikes! So because we didn't want to replace the clutch every 15,000 miles, wanted to switch to an automatic anyway, needed more space, and a bit safer ride, we traded it in for a Ford Escape!

Although it's definitely less "fun" to drive, it has A LOT more to it, and is more practical. We absolutely love it!! Now it's just time to fill that sucker with baby Bs ;) 

And do you see that gorgeous WA springtime happening in the background there!? This month has been full of blue skies and sunshine- since Zach's family left of course. When they were here it was overcast and drizzly! 

The lamest spring picture ever, courtesy of yours truly.
Annd I think that's about all the "news" in our family lately. Here's Pierre, because he's a fabulous B, and don't you forget it!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


the ladies
the gents
For New Year's Eve 2013 my aunt Carol invited the husb and myself to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party down in Castlerock. We were nervous and excited-we only knew four people in attendance! But it was great because we had to become our characters, which apparently pretending to be someone else in front of strangers is a lot less nerve-wracking than just being yourself! haha. 
It was indeed a fun night, and I'm glad we went out and met all those sweet folks. 

I suppose this time of year calls for some resolutions. New goals to help shape us into the person we want to be, crowded gyms the first few days of the new year. It all seems kind of funny to me, as I've never really seen a new year as anything but a change from one day to another. But this time feels different. Maybe that's because 2013 was truly the worst year of my life. I've never experienced so much doubt, depression, heartache, pain, you name it. Hopefully I'll always be able to say it was the worst year, because if that can be beaten then I just don't know how I'd survive! Luckily I had my wonderful husband by my side throughout it all, and even more comforting, my savior. I've never been closer to Him, and I've never been more grateful for His love and atoning sacrifice for me. I can honestly say the gospel of Christ is the biggest, most wonderful blessing in my life, and I yearn for everyone to experience the peace and happiness it brings! 
So while I do have many 'resolutions' this year, my main goal is to deepen my relationship with my Heavenly Father and His son. By doing this I know that everything else in my life can be achieved. And I'm incredibly grateful for that. 

Cheers to a brand new year

Monday, December 16, 2013


Don't get me wrong, Zach can be very helpful around the house when he wants to be... But generally our room is clean during the week and then he comes home and brings his bff Tornado, and I'm left picking up the pieces on Monday. 
This weekend I decided that just wouldn't do any longer. 
And this is what happened.

*Z is wandering around the room, pretending to clean, but quite obviously not really doing much*
H: How about you put away the clean clothes on the bed?
Z: Orrrr..... *unzips pants & ahem.*
H: Yeah that's nice. Put the clothes away.
Z: But baby...!
H: It will not get you out of this.

TYPICAL BOY WHAT?! My junk is so irresistible that it can get me out of anything. HA. FALSE.

In other "hilariously outrageous things my husband does" news, this happened.
Z: I KNOW you've already had your period, so I don't understand what all this emotion is!
I just couldn't even be upset about whatever I was upset about anymore, I was laughing too hard.

This too:
H: Find me some clothes to wear then!
Z: *throwing clothes at me* clothes, clothes, clothes!
H: These are all shirts.
Z: Yep, I don't want you wearing pants today.

All in all though, my husband is a pretty awesome dude. But he still falls prey to those brainless moments that I suppose come with being a boy ;) 

^^handsome mc hottie right there

Thursday, December 12, 2013


You guys. I've caught it.
I suppose it was only a matter of time... 
Yes, I've caught the dreaded BABY FEVER.
At least I think I have. 
It's hard to tell though. I'm not sure if I actually want a baby, or if I'm just psyched off the fact that my beautiful sister-in-law just had a baby, my friends are pregnant, and adorable "internet" chicas I follow are preggo. Pinterest certainly doesn't make things any clearer. (BECAUSE REALLY, HOW CAN YOU RESIST THOSE BIG HAPPY BABY EYES THAT EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM PINS.)
But Zach is beyond thrilled! Anytime we see a baby, or talk about one, he just looks at me with these precious puppy dog eyes that scream "PLEASE LET ME IMPREGNATE YOU".
And I guess I do want to have a baby soon... And I don't. I don't know. It's all very difficult. I want to wait until we actually have our own place, and are more financially stable. I also want to go on a honeymoon! (Since our's consisted of driving 14 hours to Utah-so romantic.) Just know that there have been many prayers concerning the matter & lots of husband/wifey chats :)
So while this is not a pregnancy announcement, those of you who constantly ask us when we're poppin' out babies can now know that it's being considered for the near future!
And I mean, look at us as little babes. Our kids are obviously going to be adorable, so there's some incentive.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The familiar, comforting fragrance of the pine needles, the soft glow of the twinkling lights peeking through the branches, the sparkle of the ornaments filled with memories… Yes there is indeed something very magical about Christmas trees. 
My family had a real tree most of my childhood Christmases. I can remember inhaling the sweet scent and smiling whenever I walked into the house. I spent nights in the living room, lying by the tree and looking up at it in awe and excitement. It never felt like Christmas until the tree was up and decorated. Until we stoked a fire, put on the Christmas carols, and sipped eggnog while reading Christmas stories. 

This year Zach suggested that we start a new tradition in our family and chop down our own tree. I was beyond thrilled by this proposition and immediately started making arrangements. I discovered the perfect, quaint little family farm and just like that our Saturday was booked.
We invited my family to share in our new tradition, and it ended up being a marvelous, albeit freezing, day! You guys, they had a petting zoo, and I could hardly contain my tears of joy. (I’ve been doing that lately, crying over farm animals. I can’t drive by cows anymore without my mascara running. What is wrong with me.)
Our tree was absolutely perfect. I've never seen a more Christmas-y tree. Every time I walk past it, I’m just filled with so much happiness! Maybe it’s a little ridiculous, but it’s the little things guys. 

I've recently become obsessed with Spotify, and I created a lovely little Christmas playlist to share with you! It's just a few tracks to mix in with your holiday collection- let me know if you have any favorites I can add! I'm always expanding my music tastes. 

I love to find the true Christmas meaning in these little traditions, to focus on what matters most. I stumbled upon this lovely article by Jeffrey Marsh entitled “Symbols of the Savior at Christmas” and he illustrates the symbolism tied to the tree beautifully, “The evergreen color of the tree, still vibrant in the dead of winter, can symbolize the eternal life Jesus Christ provides which enables us to overcome death. The green needles on each branch pointing heavenward serve to remind us that it is not who comes down the chimney that matters, but Who came down from heaven. Jesus Christ is the divinely appointed Savior and Redeemer, and "there is no other name given whereby salvation cometh" (Mosiah 5:8; see also 3:17).
Even the lights on the tree, when seen with greater vision, become tiny, shining reminders of the declarations in the scriptures that Jesus Christ "is the light and the life of the world; yea a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death" (Mosiah 16:9). They remind us of His declaration: "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life" (John 8:12).”

I hope you all enjoy merry festivities this Christmas season, and focus your hearts and minds to our beloved Savior. Merry Christmas! 


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