Monday, December 16, 2013


Don't get me wrong, Zach can be very helpful around the house when he wants to be... But generally our room is clean during the week and then he comes home and brings his bff Tornado, and I'm left picking up the pieces on Monday. 
This weekend I decided that just wouldn't do any longer. 
And this is what happened.

*Z is wandering around the room, pretending to clean, but quite obviously not really doing much*
H: How about you put away the clean clothes on the bed?
Z: Orrrr..... *unzips pants & ahem.*
H: Yeah that's nice. Put the clothes away.
Z: But baby...!
H: It will not get you out of this.

TYPICAL BOY WHAT?! My junk is so irresistible that it can get me out of anything. HA. FALSE.

In other "hilariously outrageous things my husband does" news, this happened.
Z: I KNOW you've already had your period, so I don't understand what all this emotion is!
I just couldn't even be upset about whatever I was upset about anymore, I was laughing too hard.

This too:
H: Find me some clothes to wear then!
Z: *throwing clothes at me* clothes, clothes, clothes!
H: These are all shirts.
Z: Yep, I don't want you wearing pants today.

All in all though, my husband is a pretty awesome dude. But he still falls prey to those brainless moments that I suppose come with being a boy ;) 

^^handsome mc hottie right there


  1. Replies
    1. Right?? Boys are so funny, I had to share :)

  2. haha haleigh!!! these comments all sound like something stephen would say! the other day i was trying to decide if i should tuck in my shirt or not, and i said, "which way looks better...tucked in or out?" and he said, "i dunno...." so i said, "well which way do you like best?" and he said "pants down, shirt off. that's what i really like best."

    haha i wish you guys still lived in utah. i want you to come back here and be our couple friends!

    1. oh my gosh how am i just seeing this comment!? hahah that's hilarious!
      i wish we could be your couple friends too!! we can be like occasional, or intermittent, bffs when we come down and visit! haha



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