Saturday, November 30, 2013


he's not a lover of being photographed... haha
we pride ourselves on our fashion choices.
empire state of mind
please excuse my dirty fingers...
Ammon & his "Sasha"
I am timidly planning a trip to Salt Lake City, UT and Phoenix, AZ for next May to visit some friends. I really want to fly to SLC, and then road trip with my friend Kelsey to see our friend Kirsten down in AZ. However, my dear sweet husband thinks that we'll be kidnapped and raped if there isn't a man in the car with us! So we've made a compromise of sorts: I can proceed with my plan if I buy a firearm and obtain a concealed carry permit. It seems only fitting that we spent this foggy Saturday practicing and improving my skills!
I wanted to practice with a smaller handgun vs. Zach's shotgun or Ammon's AR-15, so I shot Zach's Springfield XD. It's really fun! I'm not that great yet, especially in comparison to my "Master Marksman" husband, but I'm confident I could take out a bad guy's kneecaps if necessary. Or at least hit that general area. Maybe an accidental crotch shot. Oops.
I could not believe the fog in the forest. Behind our car was a huge drop off, but you couldn't tell due to the white wall! It was also super cold, and my camo jacket wasn't cutting it.
Oh and those killer nails? They suck. I attempted to be girly last Saturday, and it was possibly the worst decision ever. I couldn't type my essays for school, count money at work, or play the piano. Even trying to put on makeup was a nigh impossible task. I finally was completely fed up when trying to do my homework tonight that I just clipped them all. They look stupid now, but oh well. At least I can live my life in happiness and ease!

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