Monday, November 18, 2013


What do you do when your husband is completely worn out from work, and desperately needs to relax?? Turn your bedroom into an island paradise of course!

You will need:
$10 tropical scene shower curtain (available at Walmart)
white Christmas lights
a pineapple (doubles as decor & food!)
dollar store pina colada glasses
cute drink umbrellas
sexy bikini top
a grass skirt
coconut creme pie
hawaiian pizza
pina colada drink mix

the newest edition of your husband's favorite video game. in my case, Call of Duty Ghosts

Hang your awesome shower curtain so it's covering your window, making sure your draperies are in front. {FUN FACT: right after we were married we actually bought this same shower curtain for our bathroom! We've since thrown it away, but luckily Walmart still carries it.} Voila! Your drab view of a fence is no transformed into a picturesque beach setting. String the lights around the window from for added mood lighting.
Take time to wrap the video game up, because who doesn't love unwrapping presents?! 
Write an adorable poem on your love note board such as:

Here's to a weekend honoring you
and all of the wonderful, hard work you do!
You're smart & friendly, most handsome by far
it's safe to say you're my shining star! 
I love you forever & ever, not maybe
I'll always be happy to be your sweet baby.
Now come & kiss me, and make great haste,
for it's about time we both got LEI'd!!  

See what I did there? ;)
Mix up the pina coladas and pour them into your perfect glasses. Finish them with a strategically placed drink umbrella.
Make sure the pizza is visible and smells fabulous.
Pretty yourself up and make a flower crown with your lei. Put on the sexy bikini and grass skirt. Stand around like that awkwardly while you wait 10 minutes for him to finally come home. 

Dayuummm Pierre! Yous lookin' fly
We're ravenous when it comes to pie
Annnnd this is what the rest of the weekend looked like. Jk. But seriously... Haha
Our magical little paradise :)
Cheesy? Always. Delicious? You bet! The perfect way to relax after a tough week? Absolutely.

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