Tuesday, April 2, 2013


There are a number of expensive things that I have been longing to purchase for quite some time. But then I'm like "let's move across the country instead!" or "I'd rather buy a million pairs of shoes!". Consequently, I still don't own any of these items.

An awesome camera is definitely on this wishlist. I just want to be able to take nice, high quality pictures. I've read really great reviews about Canon, and I think I would die of happiness if I had one. 
My iPhone is just not cutting it. 

The Canon EOS Rebel T4i 18-134mm IS STM Lens Kit. For //only// $1149. :/ It only gets more expensive.
This one even has video! Definite plus.

Another item on my dream wishlist is a Mac laptop. We already have one, and while we are grateful for it, it is //literally// a thousand years old. Therefore, it is high time for an upgrade. 
I've also really desired a desktop computer in addition to a laptop. However, would that be redundant? So the question I'm posing is, MacBook Pro & iMac? Or just MacBook Pro?


Upon further investigation & research, I think the 15 inch MacBook Pro with retina display is absolutely enough. I'm sure my wallet would agree. 
I am currently dreaming about blogging on a shiny new laptop. 
On a shiny new desk. 
In a shiny new chair. 

Slightly off topic; I was in Target today (probably one of my favorite places on earth) and I stumbled upon the greatest isle to ever happen to mankind. It was called "Gifts in a Snap" or something like that. I don't remember, I was too awestruck by the amazing merchandise. 
They had adorable fabric-adorned push pins, similar to ones I had been coveting from Anthropologie, which I immediately threw in my basket. The shelves boasted of washi tape, huge mugs stamped with cute patterns & 'hello!' phrases, floral "eco-friendly" notebooks, laptop cases, color-blocked envelope tablet cases, desktop organizers, and many more fabulous items that I desperately need. 
When payday comes you can bet that's where I'll be. 
Back to the wishlist.

I'd also love to buy Zach an iPhone 5. He has been wanting one for forever, so why not? He totally deserves to be spoiled :) 

It's almost 1 o'clock! Why am I up? Why is this room freezing? My parents don't believe in heat. No, seriously. They turned off their furnace.
But anyway, I'm planning to purchase these items this year... However, I would not be opposed to receiving one as a birthday gift! //hint hint Zach ahem ;)
But no expectations.

xo haleigh

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