Sunday, March 31, 2013


It was an absolutely gorgeous day today! In fact, it has been consistently gorgeous since we moved up to the pacific northwest. 
I really need to write a blog about what has happened in mine and my husband's life as of late, buuuuuttttt obviously I haven't. So the super-short truth of the matter is that Zach got the job with the Washington State Patrol; we moved in with my parents because when he's in the academy he'll only be home on the weekend, and what's the point in getting an apartment/house when I'll be living alone for 4 months? Therefore, we have decided to save our pennies. 
Thus far it has been... fun? Is that the word? 
It hasn't been horrible! 
I'm excited to be living here though because during our free time my mom and I will be renovating her house, and I am an interior design freak. 

I //really// wanted to take some family photos today, and had to settle for poor quality webcam shots because my parents are in Victoria, B.C., and the bros are in Yakima with their grandparents. And neither one of the cats has mastered the skill of photography. #ashamedparents 

Innapropes babe.


That tie...
He is obsessed with it. I think it's because I only let him wear it once a year. 
I have to brag super fast about my amazing bargain finding skills. That maxi skirt (the one that you can't really see how fantastic it is because our webcam apparently sucks) is so pretty/perfect and it was only $11 at TJMaxx. 
And that hot bubble necklace? $7 FREAKING DOLLARS. Originally $49. A bangin' steal courtesy of Groopdealz a while ago. I bought three. 
Lately I've been an expert at bargain shopping. I bought high end curtains at Ross for $10 and luxury sheets for $33. LIKE A BOSS.

After church we enjoyed a yummy Easter dinner of roasted chicken and salad. (Don't tell the Easter gods but, we don't like the traditional ham) 
Immediately following it was cuddle on a blanket in the backyard time. My favorite. 

I am especially grateful for my Savior today. Specifically the gift of the atonement in my life. It has enabled me to be sealed to my true love, and much more. I hope to always follow in Christ's footsteps so that I too can live again.
I love this message of the true meaning of Easter:
Also, this is one of my favorite videos centered around Christ. Enjoy :) 

Happy Easter!
Love, the Bloomfields

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