Tuesday, February 5, 2013

exercise & me

a few things about me and working out...

i have monstrously thick hair, which comes with some pros, and a lot of cons.
one of those cons is that if i want my hair up and plan on doing anything active, it HAS to be on the top of my head (making me look like a frizzy-headed cindy lou who); otherwise it just falls out and pulls and hurts. no bueno.
i mean, maybe it could be in a braid, but i am really horrible at braiding my hair so i guess i'll never know. 

all of those arm bands for your ipod are too big for my arms! i remember in high school i would borrow my mom's and have to wear it around my thigh. however that didn't work too well because every time i would take a step, my ipod would shuffle and i didn't know how to turn it off at the time haha. 
i hate having it bounce around in a kangaroo sweatshirt pocket, so i just end up holding it. and my mace (zach MAKES me bring it -_-)
this nike iskin running shirt would be perfect!

speaking of perfect workout gear, why is lulu lemon so expensive?? if my face can't look cute when i exercise, i at least want my clothes to haha. 
but i do love aerie by american eagle. cute, and not breaking the bank. and slightly more expensive, vsx-victoria's secret sport. note to valentine's day fairy, if you exist... :) 

so today i planned on running a mile around the high school track just down the street, but apparently utah doesn't believe in plowing their track. so i said no to slipping on 6 inches of ice and ran around the block instead.
i know, far cry from a mile. i'm going to use the fact that it was getting dark as an excuse. 
i did part of the workout from this blog post:

50 jumping jacks
1 minute planking
25 crunches
5 burpees

yeah... it was kind of a half-assed day. but at least i did something, right?

i'm usually pretty good about craving healthy things. i would eat a salad over a hamburger any day (if we're talking cliche healthy vs unhealthy). but honestly all i want right now is fat donut filled with custard and frosted with chocolate. too bad the nearest krispy kreme is 45 mins away.

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