Friday, February 15, 2013


without granola: never
so i pour soooo much granola (or grape nuts) in there. 
and even then i can only make it through like 4 decent bites before i just start eating the grape nuts and scraping the yogurt off of them.

in other news, i'm extremely homesick.
or maybe i'm just a baby.
either way, this whole "winter" thing is just not okay.
i've been self-diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, because i have never felt this low consistently! it's completely ridiculous utah!
and i mean, i don't even have that many warm clothes.
so all around winter and me don't mix.
every day i check the weather in olympia, and it's been in the 40s & 50s.
did i mention there's no snow on the ground there? and no ice?
but even if there was snow & ice, the people there would know how to drive in it. unlike utah.
my dad sent me this picture of oly a couple days ago. 

and this is a buttload of snow still on the ground in slc. that is my 'fml' face.

sometimes we forget to buy basic things when we go shopping, and then this happens....

fortunately, we didn't actually use the napkins because zach happened to have a roll of toilet paper in his work truck... (?!?!?) 
but i thought this was funny.

so because the state patrol is taking decades to finish zach's background check, i've started looking for a second job. i applied to harmon's grocery store because it's close, awesome inside, a discount on groceries would be amazing, and because i actually liked the one grocery job i had. 
zach did this the morning of my group interview 
money & love notes; what more could a girl want?? [i have a love/hate relationship with this 'i love u because...' frame... i ran out of the letters y & o so i had to do a stupid 'u' for 'you'. i suppose i could have gone out and bought more letters.. but i didn't. and i kind of hate myself for it! haha]
if you care to know i just had my second interview with harmon's yesterday... but i don't think i'll get the job. they had sooo many applicants and i just really don't know that i'm more qualified than them! but here's hoping i do.

oh and it's valentine's day! hoorayyyy. i really think this holiday is so overrated, but maybe that's because i didn't have a valentine til zach and i started dating... #foreveralone. but in the male gender's defense, i was hideous until college. 
i made this valentine for my sweetheart that accurately sums up our relationship:
but in all seriousness, i am madly in love with zach. he's stuck being my valentine for forever! 
i am so lucky to have him in my life, to be my best friend through thick and thin. 

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