Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ready, set, go!

i am going to show you all something very frightening/disturbing.
it is me & my un-fit-ness.

i want to do before vs after shots for my body transformation! so here is the unsightly before. maybe it's not unsightly to some people, but to me it is.

right now i am unfit and unhealthy. that's the cold, hard truth of the matter. 
and i'm going to change that!

i've worked out sporadically in the past, but lately i've tried to really stay on top of it.
i know what i want to look and feel like and i'm just not quite there yet.

so here is a poor quality before pic--please ignore my vacuum. obviously i need to be better at picking photo locations.

you ready?


i know it's just a front shot... i don't think i'm secure enough yet to show you a profile shot!! haha

so here i will be tracking my progress & sharing my workouts.
wish me luck!

xo haleigh

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