Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall {2012}

What have we been up to lately?! Well, since my last post about Zach's hospital visits; A LOT.

Temple dates! The best kind of date in my opinion. We're so lucky to live in a place where there are an abundance of temples nearby.
Zach participated in a Stake Golf Tournament, and totally kicked A! Isn't he so handsome? #obsessedwithmyhusband
Bellatrix has worked her way into our hearts... And our bed space. Nap buds for lyfee
Sometimes we play our nintendo, and hate on Peach together.
I lol'd forever at this picture.
The Cowboys suck this year.... but I guess we're still loyal? I'm secretly a fan of the "Boyd K Packers" as my brother Wyatt calls them ;)
Annnnd we're still pretty cute.

We flew to Washington for Zach's state patrol testing, at which he did phenomenally! There were 120 applicants on that Saturday, appx 90 made it through the sit-ups/push-ups tests, 60 made it through the 1.5 mile run, and 30 passed the written aptitude tests! So yeah, my husband is amazing. He breezed through his oral review board, nailed the polygraph, and is now just waiting on the background check results! They said it's unusual that he's made it this far on his first try! So proud:)
I finally bought some leopard loafer flats that I've been wanting! Along with different colors of the same style... and some new boots... and other unnecessary clothing items. But at least I look cute sometimes? whatever
Pretty kitty! <3
We've been eating at some new yummy places! Our definition of being adventurous when we don't really have time to do anything haha
We bid a heartbreaking farewell to the trusty Chevy Blazer :( It was indeed tragic. But unfortunately it was dying, so we said goodbye and made room for a new car, that we've wanted for a while, and that we absolutely LOVE: Welcome, MINI Cooper Countryman!

It's almost as big as the blazer (just a little less trunk space), manual transmission, turbo boosted engine, hybrid crossover, much easier on our wallets for gas, SUPER fun to drive. We crave excuses to drive it around.
We took it on its' first road trip to New Mexico this Thanksgiving!
Which was a lot of fun! It was nice to spend time with Zach's family.
"Those horns ruin every picture :((("--Zach
His sisters do black Friday hard core, so shopping with Carly was a carefully calculated blast. Her and Will were going to get that 50" TV for $300 that didn't go on sale 'til 5am Friday. But we were cruising around Walmart on Thursday night and found 2 of them on the shelf! So Zach and I decided to upgrade too! The best part? No stressful waiting in line. We quietly checked out our items for the sale price and relished in our total ownage of black Friday. #FTW
We went out and shot clay pigeons on Friday morning, and then Will and I experienced our first true Navajo Taco. So freaking good.
Additionally, we FINALLY got our anniversary/sealing pictures. They're of course gorgeous thanks to Shutterfreek Photography. So I'll soon be posting a blog filled with cheesy love pics. 
As for the future? We are planning on moving to Washington the beginning of next year... January? February? We're not entirely sure yet. But we're 99% positive we are moving there, and we're 100% excited! 

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