Sunday, September 16, 2012

Word of the Month: {overwhelmed}

overwhelmed by my new job.
it's not very encouraging when your trainers tell you that for the first few weeks they cried and wanted to quit... 
but i mean, other than that, i like it so far!

overwhelmed by Zach's stuuupid employers and hospital bills.
i knew MRIs were expensive... but $3000 seems a little ridick.

overwhelmed by trying to plan for Zach's trip to Washington in October.

overwhelmed by trying to figure out where i want to go to school.
because $87,000 just for tuition clearly isn't happening. 

but on the bright side:

i love the new people i work with, and this job will give me great experience.

my husband is a-ok now, and our insurance has been pretty great.

if all goes well with his October trip, he'll be getting a jump-start on his career! and we'd move up closer to family.

yeah i'm working on the bright side to this one. grants are available? idk. annoyed. 

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