Sunday, September 2, 2012

a week with the bloomfields

The last week and a half of August has probably been the craziest of my whole life! Here's what happened in our little fam:

Woke up to some sexy cloud porn
Went to the Draper temple with my husband and parents to take out my endowments
wish I took this photo!
That's a mighty fine lookin' couple right thurr :)

Got sealed for time and all eternity to my love, Zachary. 
More to come on that one! 
{stunning photography that day by Shutterfreek}
Dinner with family and friends at Aunt Raette's in Park City
He's gonna make such a good daddy someday.
Hung out with Ace the zebra and Miss Billy the buffalo

More fun with the family: water park, etc.

Sunday: Everyone went home! :( 

Ohhh Monday...
Everything was all peachy Monday morning, nothing out of the ordinary. I didn't have to work 'til that night, so instead of being productive, I decided to catch up on Breaking Bad. 
Around noon I received a call from Zach's boss saying that Zach was not doing well at all. I quickly rushed to where he was working that day (about a 25 minute drive) and discovered he couldn't speak or walk, and was extremely disoriented. 
I rushed him to St. Mark's Hospital, the nearest to our location, and attempted to walk him into the emergency room. Unfortunately he couldn't walk at all and I lacked the strength to carry him. Luckily, a police officer was nearby and helped. 
Once in the ER, doctors started performing all sorts tests and procedures to try to determine what was wrong with him. They stuck an IV in him, and upon taking his temperature realized he had a high fever of 103. His symptoms were apparently similar to that of meningitis, so they decided to perform a lumbar puncture (spinal tap), to rule that out. 
After a couple hours, bloodwork, and a CAT scan, he was finally able to speak again. 
He seemed to be doing okay, but the doctors weren't sure of what happened to him. They decided to admit him for overnight stay while they reviewed test results and collaborated on his condition.
Our home teachers came and gave him a blessing, and some friends from our ward stopped by with a hospital survival kit! It was all very sweet. 
He still was having trouble standing up and walking though.
Once in his hospital room, a new doctor came in and listened to his heart. She thought she heard a small murmur, and immediately scheduled him for an echocardiogram and bubble study the next morning. All through the night and into the morning his temperature kept fluctuating, and he was getting an awful headache from the LP, especially if he sat or stood up.
GOAL: healthy hubby home! 
Right after the echocardiogram the next day one of his doctors decided it was time to discharge him. I thought he still had a fever, but when they took his temperature they said he didn't, and they were quite eager to get him out of there. 
 :( :(
So we packed up our things and Jeff took him home while I went grocery shopping. 
About an hour after discharge I received a phone call from the doctor that wanted us out of there saying that there was something concerning found on his echocardiogram! (how nice of them to release us before having all the test results reviewed.) The soonest they could schedule an appointment to see a cardiologist however, was Wednesday afternoon. 
When I got home, I took his temperature and he was at 102. And then he tried to stand up to go to the bathroom and almost immediately started vomiting from the pain in his head. You can imagine my irritation with the doctor & nurse who released us. 
The next day we took him to the heart center and once inside with the nurse, he threw up again. All from sitting up or standing too long (which would make his headache extremely unbearable). 
Our cardiologist, Dr. Hacking, came in and talked with us about the test results and said that it was a possibility there could be a small hole in his heart. He wanted us to do two more tests though to be sure it wasn't anything serious.
Dr. Hacking then re-admitted Zach to the hospital because of his severe head pain and vomiting, and then scheduled him for an MRI (because if there was a small hole in his heart that bubbles could pass through, that means that potentially a small blood clot could pass through and travel to his brain, causing a small stroke; which would explain some of his symptoms on Monday).
The MRI test results showed a perfect and healthy brain however, so Monday's events were still unexplained.
He stayed another night in the hospital, this time in a room with this lovely view:
They switched his pain medication and that seemed to really help his head. So the next day we were released again, and scheduled an appointment for his second echocardiogram, where they would go down his esophagus to get a better view of his heart, for Friday.
Appointment time came around and he ended up throwing up in the waiting room and having to lie down on the floor because of his headache. And really, it was only caused by him having to walk to and from the car and sit up in the wheelchair.
Some of the nurses looked for a bed or gurney for him, but none were found. So Dr. Hacking took us to his personal office and let Zach lie on the couch that he sleeps on when he's on call.
Best doctor ever.
Unfortunately, his echocardiogram had to be canceled, but they scheduled a blood patch right away to help with his headache (a common procedure performed after lumbar punctures).
That went smoothly, and he almost immediately felt a ton better.
Finally we went home, hoping it was all over.
Although we're still not sure about the "Extreme Heat Stroke" diagnosis, we're praying that's in fact what it was, and not some scary underlying problem.
For now, I'm just hoping for a speedy recovery and my strong, healthy husband back!

Oh, and for an anniversary/"thanks for being a good wife" gift Zach got me this little sweetheart.
Her name is Bellatrix, and she is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

After such a wild week, I can't help but marvel how great of a life planner God is!
Meaning, I was supposed to start my new job last Tuesday, but my start date had to be pushed back due to conflicts with my sealing. If I had started on the original date, who would have taken care of Zach?! I'm sure I would have taken work off, but would I still have that job if I had?
Additionally, it's a good thing I got this new job since Zach won't be at work for about 2 1/2 weeks!
I'm so thankful the Lord is taking care of us :) 

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