Thursday, May 3, 2012


After seeing how adorable Molly, Kelsey's new kitten, is, Zach and I decided we had to adopt another homeless kitty. Additionally, Pierre gets lonely sometimes and we knew he would love a playmate.
So we found an ad on ksl and drove to Lehi to pick up our little angel.
She was hiding under the bed when we arrived, so it was a good 15 minutes before we actually got to meet her. In the mean time we played with her adorably spunky brothers downstairs.
Finally she emerged & we instantly fell in love with her sassy charm.
She was a bit of a cry baby on the way home, but that's to be expected of a 7 week old separated from her mommy & siblings.
Isn't she so adorable?!
We stopped at Petsmart on the way home to buy her kitten food, an adorable pink food bowl, and a toy of her own. 
Pierre just wants to play with her all the time! But he doesn't know how to play soft, so it scares her. Hopefully she'll get over it soon though. 
For now, we absolutely adore our little June-bug!

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