Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spring with the {Bloomfields}

why hello there!
it has been decades since i've blogged, all 'thanks' to a broken charger cord.
but praises be for this $80 rip off from Apple; i'm back! (insert hashtag about overpriced technology...)
i feel like a lot has happened lately, but maybe that's because i've just been taking a lot of pictures :)

i became obsessed with vintage mint or orange vw beetles
picture courtesy of pinterest:)
Juniper & Pierre reconciled their differences and are now bffs

spring has sprung! and it seems it only lasted a short time, for summer has appeared to have begun already!

Kelsey accompanied me to one of Zach's softball games. 

i made some pretty sweet signs- get it? because the company is Rain Gutter Specialties?

Zach surprised his mom for mother's day by showing up in New Mexico that weekend, so we facetimed:)
he refused to smile nice, so that's what he gets!

and my dear sweet husband brought back some lovely storage towers with him. love.

i summoned my inner housewife skills and made top notch banana bread- convincing Zach that banana bread is in fact, delicious. (he was previously a non-believer)
here's the recipe i used :)

the hubs and i had many splendid saturday adventures-from galavanting around downtown, to making the most of our seven peaks pass of all passes.
watching the bicycle race from the deck of Bruge's
yummy soda, graffiti & gyros, oh my!
getting artistic in the backyard on a Sunday afternoon
playing pac-man at the laundromat
fruit & cheese plate with some sparkling juice
Seven Peaks Salt Lake
taking Pierre for walks
my adorable ex-roommate Kirsten came into town and we spent the night eating sushi, lava cakes, and loving my kittens at 2 in the morning in my living room.
LOVE Ichiban Sushi
there's Kirsten, happily abusing my kittens!

oh hello friendship!
i mean, if you pose like that, even a kitty tunnel is high fashion.
i discovered Ben & Jerry's frozen greek yogurt: obsessed.
so would it be called frogreyo?
occassionally Zach & i will get experimental with our fruit choices. most recently it was starfruit. handsome.

i still take about a billion pictures of my cats. what's new.

they're so photogenic!

we went for a hike to Donut Falls with the McClellans. flashbacks to our cannonville adventure! it was indeed a blast.

i wish my shoes still looked so clean & new

Silver Lake. breathtaking.

Jeff came home from his 2 month California trip! overjoyed.
unfortunately however, Jeff introduced us to Minecraft for xbox360. it's pretty much the best thing ever. but we're all so obsessed with it that it we don't really want to do anything else... it's completely addicting to say the least.

so i guess i've pretty much brought you up to speed! see how exciting the Bloomfield's life has been? haha
this coming weekend we'll be going to Zach's family reunion in Heber City, which should be awesome!
i'll undoubtedly take lots of pictures of that too:)

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