Friday, January 27, 2012


On Monday my boss called and gave me the option to either have the night off or come in and work. I chose to have the night off (I never get the night off!) so Zach and I could have a date night :)

Well it started snowing, and I knew Zach would not want to drive in that (because honestly, Utah born drivers are the worst ever) therefore, I had to come up with something fun for indoors. I wanted it to be more fun than our netflix movie routine.
So why not have a wine and cheese night?
Jeff and I ran to the store and I bought 4 different types of cheese (hey, I'm poor), along with pears, mini baguette slices, and sparkling white and red grape juices (we don't drink:) and some creme puffs, just because they're yummy.
I then cleaned the entire house and made dinner, WHICH was ready exactly when he got home. And to top it all off, I got myself all cute and even wore heels. It was going to be an awesome date night.
When he arrived home I popped out of the bedroom and surprised him! I think it was a good surprise- he thought I still had to work.
We then ate dinner, and afterward he showered while I prepared the rest of the evening.

I arranged the cheeses and made little signs saying what kind they were, got the table all set up, cut the pears, lit candles, and turned on smooth jazz (literally the smooth jazz station on pandora).
It was good old-fashioned cheesiness.

We thoroughly enjoyed our cuisine, and I was incredibly surprised that I forgot how romantic dancing with my husband is.
We just danced to jazz in the candlelight, which led to some extracurricular activities on the living room floor... ;) And afterward we watched youtube videos and That Thing You Do! (which apparently Zach absolutely loves that movie)

All in all it was a fabulous date night and I love Zachary Alex Bloomfield:)

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