Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{viva: las vegas}

Sooo about 2 months ago I decided that I was not content with the boring adventure-lacking routine mine and Zach's life had become.
And I often plan extravagant trips or spontaneous outings,  therefore that is exactly what I did.
Well it was supposed to be for Zach's birthday on the 16th, but I quickly realized that there was no way in the world (excluding prostitution) that I could come up with sufficient mula to make any trip enjoyable by then.
Thus it became the 6 month anniversary/Valentine's Day/Zach's late birthday/mini-honeymoon February 19th-21st trip in the year 2012! whooooo!
I even made a countdown for it on my phone. This shiz was real.
And here's how it went!

We woke up at 7:00 am on Sunday to a wintry 4 inches of snow and this adorable little kitten nuzzling our faces. [insert awww] It was quite sad to say goodbye to him :(
In the car and driving away down the street we go! I wanted to take a picture of me pretending to hitchhike with our luggage, but Zach expressed hatred for said idea. Boo.
It was a long 7 1/2 hour drive; and it only took us 7 1/2 hours because Utah is stupid and didn't think the southbound freeway needed to be snow plowed or anything. We passed literally 12 accidents in an 80 mile road span. Good job Utah.
After all that annoying driving, this was certainly a relief to see! There is definitely something about sunny blue skies and palm trees that forces you into a good mood. Hello sin city :)

Oh, it was also at this point that we realized we left over half of our clothes behind, which would have been more okay, if I hadn't gone out and bought an entire outfit specifically for Vegas. I was pissed.
Thanks to the ever awesome LivingSocial, we stayed in this shwanky room at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for $140 for two nights! Plus a $40 food voucher at their restaurants and access to their spa. Can you say screaming deal?
Speaking of sexual, our room came equipped with this mobile intimacy kit! Well for an extra $25. But it was $25 well spent ;)
That night we explored the strip. This was the point at which my vegas-virginity was truly lost. Isn't that so pretty? Good gravy it was a lot of fun!
I got a picture with Master Chief! Pretty freaking sweet, no? I have a feeling Wyatt would be so proud.

And then we grew tired of Vegas, so we hopped on a plane to France. Just kidding. Seriously, Vegas is just Disneyland for adults.
We stopped by Coca-Cola world, which was way cool. And although I'm not a fan of brown soda, or any soda for that matter, you can't not have a coke in Coca-Cola world!
We also road the NEW YORK NEW YORK roller coaster. I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of anything even related to that! It was fun.
We enjoyed some fresh mexican cuisine at one of our hotel's restaurants and as you can see, Zach brought sex to the dinner table.
We were supposed to eat at Fleming's, but didn't really feel like making the 20 minute drive to Summerlin. Plus, this dinner was free.
After sleeping in Monday morning (gosh, that hasn't happened in foreverrr) we traveled to Circus Circus on our journey to their Adventuredome. WHICH WAS A BLAST.
And so we rode thrill rides for half the day! That ride behind us in the picture is sooo crazy! And we realized again just how much fun amusement parks are!
We had a race up a scary tall rock climbing wall, and then did flips on a bungee corded trampoline! Well, Zach did flips. I am apparently not cool enough to have that ability. I tried, and almost face-planted the trampoline. fail.
Zach won a little rhino for me at a carnival game. We named him Herbert and are giving him to Pierre:)

Afterward, we went back to the hotel and took a little nap. Frankly, I was exhausted from all the jerking around I had received, and was becoming quite grumpy. That being said, it was a much needed speed-sleep.

We then explored the other side of the strip, including the very cool Venetian. Aren't this photos amazing? I could model for Vogue Italia. (get it? because we're like in Italy?...)

Afterward we had dinner at Outback, mainly because we were going broke and I get a 33% discount there. HA.
Thanks to Vegas, my husband now thinks it's okay to stuff dolla bills in my clothes...
Isn't he so cute? His head looks really...tall.
Home sweet home again.
Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable trip, and a great escape from our 10 hour work days.
I'm so grateful I married a man who loves to make memories as much as I do :)
And here's a picture of the best sushi I have EVER eaten. It is in no way related to our trip, but is completely worthy of mention in general.

baby keep smiling :)

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