Monday, January 23, 2012


i seem to get caught up in a lot of different things-but not for too long. it's like for two days i'll be completely obsessed with cleaning, and our house will be as sterile as an operating room. but then something else comes up, like blogging. and oh my gosh my website is freaking fantastic. but that's a secret ;) and then i'll be like, 'pinterest me a new wardrobe!' and my fashion board will gain about 69 pins.
right now i'm obsessed with talented singers. i'm listening to mandy moore, amanda seyfried, and lots of broadway.

if there is one dream i am sad i could not pursue, it would be my dream of being a disney princess at disneyland. i love theatre, even though i'm not that great at it. i know that when i was a little girl, meeting the princesses was magical for me-and i only wish i could give that to someone else.

but it's okay. because i gave up something good for something better:)

i only wish i knew my neighbor's schedules; so i could know when it's okay to belt out songs and not have them hate me. although, i'm sure they already do after we gave Pierre a bouncy ball to play with.

oh i might be joining a book club! i got invited on sunday, and it sounds fun. the only problem is it's on tuesday nights-and i work every night but sunday... i guess i'll just have to see what i can do.

kelsey is moving down the street from me! it's exciting because i have no friends haha. well i guess that's not true; just no friends that i regularly hang out with.

what else is new... i might have shingles! yayyyy. apparently it's a form of the chicken pox virus that just laid dormant in my nerve cells after i freed myself from the disease and NOW it has reactivated and traveled up my nerve endings and displayed itself in the form of a very painful rash type thing. but the best part is that I'M CONTAGIOUS. to anyone who hasn't had chicken pox. i can give people chicken pox. isn't that so cool?? i feel strangely powerful.

i met Andy Grammer tonight. he did a private concert in Fleming's. he is very nice and down-to-earth! it was kind of a cool experience.

and i think that's it.

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