Tuesday, December 20, 2011

healthy and strong!

So on this glorious Tuesday, I decided I was going to be lazy and watch tv. I turned on Hulu Plus and found Supersize Me. I'd heard a lot about it and decided I wanted to watch it!
I can't exactly say I was surprised by the information I learned, more disgusted. I know that fast food is not good for me, but I guess this really opened my eyes to my own eating habits, and how fast food has become the easy way out lately. Annnd I can see that going downhill quickly.
And so! I have been inspired.
I'm gonna set up some Bloomfield Family Health Rules. Mostly for myself, but Zach and Pierre are more than welcome to join me!
  • Fast Food: Only ONCE a month. I just love me a big fat burrito from Chipotle.
  • See? Doesn't that look so delicious? Who wouldn't want one??
  • Lots of aguaaaa: I feel I do pretty well on this. It's mostly all I drink. I mean yes, there's the occasional Red Bull or root beer. But my main choice is definitely water. Zach calls me a fish. My mom calls me a water buffalo. What can I say, I love it. We have a nice big 27 fl. oz. glass VOSS bottle that we refill daily, but I want my own cute reusable bottle. I saw one at the Whole Foods Market that I fell in love with.
  • Stop buying junk food!: This will be hard. We get hungry and out of laziness just hop on over to the Maverick and buy cheetos, candy, cup-o-noodles etc. Ew. Even grocery shopping we think we need bags of cookies/crackers. And ramen. Holy guacamole ramen. We eat that almost everyday. And it is not good for you at all. It's lazy junk food.
    Instead of buying junk snack food, we should start buying healthy snack food. Nuts, cheese and healthy crackers, non-sugary granola bars etc. One of my favorite places to shop is the Whole Foods Market. They have sooo many healthy food options! But sadly, I'm not rich, so my shopping there is limited.
  • EAT HEALTHIER!: I really really love what I've learned from the Whole Foods website. They have a section called the Four Pillars of Healthy Eating, which I think are good standards to uphold when choosing what to eat.
    1. Whole Foods: "Choose whole, fresh, natural, organic, local, seasonal, unrefined and unprocessed foods. Eliminate artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats from your diet."
    2. Plant-Strong: "Emphasize plant-based foods, no matter what type of diet you generally follow. Eat a colorful variety of plants to ensure you're getting the best nutrients for your body, which leads to feeling satisfied."
    3. Healthy Fats: "Choose whole foods (nuts, seeds, avocados) when looking for a micronutrient dense source of healthy fats. Minimize or eliminate extracted oils and processed fats (like margarine)."
    4. Nutrient Dense: "Build your meals around recipes that emphasize plant-based foods. Choose foods rich in micronutrients when compared to total caloric content."
Of course we can't always buy organic or local foods. But we can take the time to choose the healthier and more natural options given.
Go to their website! There are so many great tips for starting a healthy (eating) lifestyle.

Simple Changes for Lifelong Health
They even have a freaking menu plan and shopping list! This is perfect.
Time Savers for Healthy Eating

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