Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reasons Why I LOVE My Life

living on ramen noodles and Fleming's takeout. ALDO booties. i wear them everywhere.
LIE TO ME: Addicted.
real Christmas trees. my house smells like Christmas, and when my baby tiger dives into it, i sniff him.
green beans. sometimes i eat them for breakfast. lunch. and dinner.
cat videos.
that tall, handsome guy i live with. he pretty much makes my day. always.
awkward/funny/weird moments at work. like every day.
i just really love food...
pinterest, foodgawker, craftgawker, random blogs etc.
having a photoshoot with my hubby.
harry potter. harry potter. harry potter. harry potter.
phone calls with my family.

Yeah... my life is pretty swell :)

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