Monday, June 13, 2011

We Should Get Jerseys, 'Cause We Make A Good Team

So. A week ago I was with Zach :) But no more :(
I spent a week and a half in New Mexico with him. We played with his puppies, (which are the cutest things ever!)

 I went to work with him a few times and thought it was cool to see what he does everyday. And we got engagement photos done :)))))) That was such a fun experience! Our photographer was awesome, and although I haven't seen the photos yet, I'm sure I'll love them. Visit Shutterfreek and check Paul out!
But mostly Zach and I just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company in NM.
Then on the 3rd we went up to Utah and it was sooo great to see Jeff and Kelsey and Ali again!!
I had so much fun being back with everyone, especially Zach. It was unbelievably hard to leave on Monday :(
Skype and the phone are not enough. Yes, they are great means of communication and I'm grateful to have them and I don't mean to whine or be negative, but this sucks.
So anyway... Haven't done much since I've been back. Except turn in a billion job applications. Which is good because I have an interview with Macy's on the 23rd, and the guy who took my application at Olive Garden snuck me some phone numbers of people I should call there. So hopefully things work out!
Also, I've been obsessed with cupcakes lately. I can now frost them, and they look delicious haha.
Chocolate Cupcake with Salted
Caramel Frosting... YUM
And on Thursday I'm going up to Seattle to pick out fabric for my dress! That should be exciting...
Oh and some news on the wedding: We have officially decided to revert back to our first plan, which was/is to get married next June. June 8th, 2012 to be exact :) This way Zach can finish up at the BC, we can have at least SOME money, and everything won't be so rushed and stressful.
Do you want to know our plan for the next year? Because I'm really excited about it.
This summer we're both going to work a lot! I am going to save up 5 months rent plus a deposit on an apartment in addition to becoming extremely technical savvy so that I can get an IT job right off the bat. Glamorous, right? But seriously it's not that bad, and my dad is the computer genius of all geniuses. And I even made this cute notebook to put all my notes in! I'm gonna be such a nerd! :)
But yeah so in September I'm going to move to Salt Lake City and hopefully share an apartment with Kelsey. And since I'll have that 5 months rent saved up, finding an IT job immediately won't be as stressful. But then I'll get that job no prob and be making bank while Zach finishes up his associate's so he can apply to aeronautics school asap.
And then in April I'll come back to WA and finish planning the wedding.
Great plan right? We think so anyway.
And no offense, but if you could keep your 'long engagements never work' comments to yourselves, that'd be greatly appreciated :) We're not changing our minds, and we're not stupid.
So that's my life as of right now. Not too exciting...
But I'm happy :)

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