Monday, June 20, 2011


When I get really excited about something, let's say for example, furnishing an apartment-whether that be mine and Kelsey's or mine and Zach's-I often go look up dream decor, or even things that I can afford, just for fun.
So I was obviously excited to register for mine and Zach's wedding, that is until there were thousands upon thousands of options for oh I don't know, serving spoons and everything else that we might need/want.
Do I really care what my silverware looks like that much? I'm not going to waste my time searching through these poorly constructed websites to select these unimportant items.
Therefore on my registries/wishlists, I added general items. There is no personal attachment to anything on them, or the specific store they are from, nor do I expect the things on them. It's just a general idea of gifts we might like. 
I thought that was the concept of a registry anyway.
Obviously we don't expect anyone to spend copious amounts of money on us.
So if you were to view our registries/wishlists, I would strongly encourage you to read the note above the list of registries. It's there for a reason. Thank you!

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