Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

I have been attempting to write this blog since, oh... April 20th. But today I am going to finally finish it!
Oh my goodness, where to begin?
I have made some of the best memories of my life so far in the past couple of weeks!
Although I was somewhat sad to leave Salt Lake-I'm going to miss Kelsey Davis and Alina Twitchell terribly :(- It's nice to be embarking on a new adventure. And while I'm not psyched to be living at home again, it's free rent, and I've missed my family mucho. AND Shawnta and Bailey are here :)
But yeah. I'm back in Olympia, the city of constant rain and surprisingly slow drivers. I don't remember that from before! Everyone drives EXACTLY the speed limit. Who does that? Haha

-One of the Very Best Weeks of My Life-
So anyway, Zachary Bloomfield, the wonderful man that he is, agreed to drive all my crap and me back up here and to stay with my family for a week. We left Salt Lake at 5am, with his blazer literally stuffed full of all my junk. I was all hopped up on excitement, but only for like an hour when we got breakfast and spiked Zach's OJ with Monster, after which I promptly fell asleep. I swear that has got to be the longest drive of my life, or at least it felt like it. But we made very good time, arriving an hour ahead of schedule-around 6 o'clock on the 14th of April. Nothing much happened that evening though. I guess Zach went and talked to my dad while I went to the store. But it was so great to see my family again! And they all love Zach, so that's even better. 
The next day Zach and I decided to go exploring in the woods, since apparently he had a deprived childhood and has never done that before. We found a nasty banana slug and Zach FLIPPED off his rocker with excitement haha :) The whole day he looked like a little kid discovering a whole new world! It was quite entertaining to watch. It was so nice just to spend the day doing whatever we wanted, finding adventure and just being together. 

Zach Touching the Nasty Brown
Ocean for the First Time! 
On Saturday we went to the Ocean, since it was supposed to be in the 50s and sunny, a rare happenstance for  Washington beaches. Besides, Zach had never touched the ocean before! It was gorgeous! We definitely picked the perfect April day. We bought a bright red bucket and collected as many whole sand dollars, sea shells, and any other cool beachy things we could find 'til our bucket was full. Later in the day I showed him around downtown Olympia, which was suck it enjoyable. But then we had to go home and get ready for our date night with Shawnta and her boyfriend Zach. 
Our Bucket of Sea Creatures!

-The Proposal-
When I first told Shawnta I was coming back in the middle of April she came up with a date night idea so "our Zachs could meet" and we could just have a really good time. Being the cute romantic she is, she told me that she wanted it to be really really romantic, with candles and rose petals and us dressed fancy, and of course I didn't think anything of it, because that's just how she is! 
Around the same time Zach one day announced that he wanted to read poetry and I was like 'okay freakshow...' So we went to an old bookstore in downtown Salt Lake and bought this cute little book entitled "More Heart Throbs". He read me a few poems that night and I decided he wasn't such a freak after all. In fact it was really cute and I actually liked it :) 
Well when Shawnta found out he had a poetry book she told him to bring that to our date night so she could have her boyfriend read a poem and she would record it because she "doubted he would ever read her poetry so she had to take advantage of this opportunity" Again, I thought nothing of it because that's just how Shawnta is!
You must all think I'm pretty dense by now. Rude.
But anyway, THAT is the date night to which Zach and I were traveling on Saturday, April the 16th 2011. 
We got to Shawnta's boyfriend's house and it was so cute! They had little candles and rose petals everywhere, chocolate covered strawberries, snacks, sparkling cider-they went all out and it was amazing! So we all talked for a bit and introduced each other and then Shawnta whipped out her video camera and said it was time for the poetry reading. What was going to happen was we would all go around and each read a random poem from the book, just for fun. She told Zach to start, since it was his book and well, this is what actually happened :) 

I LOVE This Ring! 
*A special thanks to Shawnta's mom for putting together that amazing video for us :)
I was not expecting that at all! In fact I had begged him to propose to me in Washington, but every time he said no and that he was going to wait until August. He was such a brat too and would carry the ring around with him in the box and open it in front of me, but so I couldn't see it. And the morning we left Salt Lake, he showed me that the box was on his desk, and he was leaving it behind. So there went all my hope of being proposed to before August. Tricky trickster... 
But that night he made me the happiest girl in the world. He's my very own Prince Charming, and I'm madly in love with him :) 

-The Beginning to a Fairytale Ending-
The rest of the week we spent with the world at our feet. We could do anything and everything. It was magnificent. We spent a day in Seattle, and Zach broke his ankle playing hot lava monster with my brothers. I showed my amazing fiance off at church, and whenever else I could. But then Thursday came and Zach had to go home. :( 
But it's okay, because we talk all the time, skype frequently, and plan to have many more adventures together.
Our next big adventure we're planning  is the start of our own Happily Ever After on August 26th, 2011 :) 

"I'll love you forever
 I'll like you for always
 As long as I'm living
 My baby you'll be"

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