Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Creamy Chicken Baked Flautas!

As part of my new resolve to become a master chef, I have been following and stumbling upon these wonderful cooking blogs/websites. On one of the blogs I stalk religiously is this recipe called "Creamy Chicken Baked Flautas", and I immediately decided to make it for my family for dinner last night.
So I went out and bought the ingredients with my mothra and also bought some Simply Lemonade with Raspberry (YUM).
I didn't have time to roast the chicken so I just boiled it and it tasted basically the same.
My iPhone camera pictures are not nearly as good as her's, but I'm going to work on that too :)
The stuffing before it's all mixed up. Yum!
About to go in the oven! 
They turned out great! I realized that to make 14 of the taquitos, you'll need to quadruple the recipe, so I guess I'll try that out next time.
Doubling the recipe yielded 7 total flautas.
They were delicious when dipped in the sour cream/cilantro/lime/onion dip or some yummy pico de gallo my dad made.
Overall a quick and easy, delicious family meal :)
That sour cream sauce is really bright! And oh so delicious!

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