Thursday, February 3, 2011

You're Gonna Catch A Cold From The Ice Inside Your Soul

Hello again, and welcome back to my late-night blogging!
I am extremely exhausted, however I took an excedrin a few hours ago and am now incapable of sleep. I can't decide whether I'm okay with this or not, seeing as how I have class in 7 hours.
I would just like to say that attempting to organize and tame the circular legging rack at F21 makes me want to kill myself. I suppose not literally, but I really really wanted to scream. Hangers are of the devil.
And wtf is up with the "young hearts" section? It really should be called the "we have no clue where the hello-kitty to put this shiz so we'll just throw it all together and call it a middle-schooler's wardrobe." The majority of that section is miscellaneous blended fashion-crime.
On a brighter note, I'm pretty boss at wave-boarding. Yep. I made it all the way from the kitchen counter to the front door, WITHOUT touching anything. That's quite a feat you know.
Anyway I am thoroughly upset with 3 different people right now. One of them does not deserve to have me be unhappy with them... but I just think that after so much eye contact and smiling you'd at least think to say something cute and not class related. Another completely deserves my anger, but at the same time really isn't worth my time. And the third one unfortunately just had it thrust upon them when they decided to rudely clue me in on something kind of big. But that's alright, at least I don't have to worry about finding a cocktail dress anymore!
In all actuality though I'm not really upset with any of them. Okay well except for the second one. But truthfully I'm just tired and confused.
I think I'm warding guys off with this monstrous zit that decided to grace my face with it's hideous presence. I'm wholly embarrassed to be seen in public. Maybe if I wore my huge bow tomorrow it would detract from the mountain on my head.
I think the excedrin is wearing off... hallelujah.
Also, I really like ricola cough drops and Liar Liar. And kitties.



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