Friday, February 18, 2011

So Uninspired, So Sick and Tired, of All the Hatred You Harbor

Sooooo recently I feel like I've been thrown back in middle school, where petty self-righteous girls fabricate elaborate accusations that have no shred of truth whatsoever. Where backstabbing is the new thing if you want to be cool.
I have never felt so hated in my life, and for what reason? I honestly cannot come up with a single cause to this hatred. But if they want to think I'm a whore for cuddling with my boyfriend, then they can go ahead. They clearly have no concept of being in a relationship anyway and instead decide to form wild allegations saying they have their doubts about me even being a virgin. They obviously don't know me at all and for some reason feel the need to try to taint my reputation. So half of me wants to be like "I'm off to go fornicate with my boyfriend! Peace out bzs!!" But. No bueno.
Gosh I love middle school.........
On a brighter note, said boyfriend Mr. Zachary Bloomfield, pretty much makes my day everyday :) We are going to New Mexico this weekend to visit his friends and family and I am flipping the freak out!!! But it should be a lot of fun!
And now that I am in New Mexico, it IS indeed fun!! Zach's family is so sweet and nice, and it has overall been an awesome Friday. 
And now it's time to watch pirates of the caribbean!
"Sweetie, If you're going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty" :)


  1. Aww that sucks I'm sorry Haleigh Joy :( That sort of thing happens alll the time, trust me it's happened to me too and it's lame, but don't worry-- it's just because they're jealous! I'm glad your bf is nice :) You're a cutie!

  2. Ohh thanks Kelly! That makes me feel better :)
    Haha I'm glad he's nice too

  3. Yeahh Haleigh I know what thats like :( girls are so dumb sometimes. But like, this is gonna sound preachy but I don't mean it to I started reading my scriptures every day since a few days ago and now I'm like, getting soo many blessings and the dumb girls in my life are going away, literally! my roommate who lies alll the time is moving out :) and i didn't even do anything except read scriptures!
    and your bf sounds super wonderful. good job :)



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