Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around The Bend

It was Thursday, around 12:00pm, about 20 mins before marriage prep was to start, and I, Haleigh Platter, said to the beautiful Kelsey Davis, "Wanna go to southern Utah this weekend?". "Yes!" she replied. And so we made plans, we asked Kylee to drive, we booked a hotel, we figured out the costs, we begged Zachary Bloomfield to go but he said no. So we begged Seth Twitchell to go and he said yes, but then he said no. So we kind of half-heartedly begged Chris Bailey to go, but he said no. And then Kelsey begged Zach some more to go and finally he acquiesced and we were all so happy and excited! So we left around 4 the next day, extremely stoked for the adventure ahead of us.
We got to the thriving, lively town of Cannonville around 8pm and were thrilled when our hotel room was nicer, and much larger than expected. And then Family Guy was on so that just added to the happiness (for the boys anyway) And then we all fell asleep.
The next morning we woke around 9:30 and the boys graciously went and bought bagels, cream cheese, and the most delicious juice I've ever tasted! Then we put on jeans and long sleeve shirts (there were gorgeous sunny skies and high 40s:) and set out to conquer the big red rock.
We climbed and climbed and snapped picture after picture! It was a blast. We discovered that the largest building in the town was in fact our hotel and we boasted about that for a bit. After that we decided to search for the infamous waterfall canyon. We forged through rock and dirt, crossed a mighty river, and trekked a long distance when mud stopped Kyle's car in its tracks. It was tragic.
Turtle Drinking Soda!
So then we decided to go to Mossy Cave and lo and behold there were gigantic icicles hanging from the ceiling of said cave. It was indeed cool. Additionally there was a rock formation upon a high hill that resembled a turtle drinking soda, so of course we had to go investigate that phenomenon.
After all that we were exhausted, but Zach and I did not want to stop exploring! So we piled on the layers, bought some flashlights, and climbed big red rock in the dark. We were also planning on discovering more of the canyons, but there was an animal that tried to eat me, so we abandoned that endeavor.
However we took Kyle's car for a joyride and found the most beautiful, amazing stargazing spot ever! I have never seen so many stars in my life! There were absolutely no lights except for the twinkling of the fiery balls of gas and rock high in the heavens. Zach was going on about feeling like someone stuck a strainer on his head and I didn't quite understand that analogy so I tuned him out and thought of The Lion King.
It was VERY windy on White Mountain
Of course we had to share this marvelous discovery with Kyle and Kelsey so we journeyed back to the hotel, grabbed some blankets, and set off again with the lovebirds.
As pretty as the view was, it got cold quickly, and the blankets were not cutting it. So we went back to the warmth of our hotel room and watched movies. (I love Hot Rod!) And then fell asleep.
Sunday morning, rain wasn't falling, and we got up and at 'em around 9 again. This time we climbed big red rock in like 10 mins, and decided to explore the canyons below via sliding/climbing down waterfalls and wandering along the frozen rivers. Along the way we explored caves and cool little hill thingies. We found plenty of animal tracks including baby mountain lions! It made me miss Jasper a lot :(  (which if anyone cares, he is still MIA. If you, or a loved one, have seen an adorable little jaguar with a feisty attitude, please contact me immediately) Anyway then we were quite tired and decided after hours upon hours of wondrous exploration that it was time to head home. We stopped by the Manti temple on the way, and it is absolutely gorgeous!
Upon arriving home I discovered that Seth had gotten me a cupcake book, and was overjoyed when I saw it. Thanks again Seth! :)
Overall it was an amazing weekend spent with amazing people, and it definitely makes my list of top 10 weekends ever! Hooray for spontaneity and the love of adventure!
Oh also, this past week Kelsey and I fed the adorable, lovable stray kitty some tuna. It loves me. It lets me pet it and it rubs its body on my legs while purring. That sounds really weird, but it's very cute. I hope it comes back!

 "Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine a bit of unscheduled pleasure."

My Ten Year Old Footprint Right There

The Road to Waterfall Canyon. We're so Bad A$$
"Figure that one out!"-God

Apparently Something Was Really Funny To Me.


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