Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let This Last Forever, Turn Tomorrow Into Yesterday

So I just got back from New Mexico, after spending a wonderful weekend with Zach and his family :) Zach is so sweet, he bought me these beautiful turquoise earrings at Four Corners. I also got to visit my Uncle Grant's family, which was nice since I haven't seen them in forever!
My mom is flying into Salt Lake today! I am very excited!!
And I dunno, but I am incredibly happy as of late. I don't think I have smiled so much in a long time :)
Things That Make Me Happy:
1. Zachary Bloomfield: He is one of my very best friends and never fails to make me smile. We are pretty much the most adorable couple on the face of the planet.
2. Shawnta Oster: She is my best friend/sister. There is nothing we can't talk about, and nothing we wouldn't do for each other. It's such a shame we don't live close to each other :( 
3. Kelsey Davis: My favorite roommate for sure. We always laugh and have a good time together :)
4. Of course My Family!: They really should probably be number one on this list... Let's just say it's in no particular order ;)
5. Blogging: It's just so fun!
6. Traveling: I've always loved road trips, ever since I was little. And road trips with friends are even better than with family! (No offense meant parents...) From Ocean Shores, to Cannonville, to New Mexico- Road trips are the bomb. And I can't wait for Zach, Kelsey, Kyle, Shawnta, Zach and I to go on our Washington adventure this summer! 
7. Reading My Scriptures: Personal study, and especially the newly formed habit of studying together that Zach and I have. 
8. Taking Pictures: Making memories, capturing them, and then later reminiscing. :)
9. MUSIC: Nearly all types. I love listening to new songs, and new genres. Music is one of the most powerful things-it influences your mood, your body language ;), your thoughts. Gotta love it.
10. The Gospel: Living it, believing in it, needing it. It helps me everyday. He helps me everyday. I'm so grateful to have His light in my life :) 
 "Be strong, and of a good courage. You are truly a royal spirit daughter of Almighty God. You are a princess destined to become a queen. Your own wondrous story has already begun. Your once upon a time is now." 
And now here are some captured moments of my wonderful life:

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