Saturday, January 8, 2011

You're a Hot Mess and I'm Falling For You

Oh wait, I'm the hot mess.
Winter break was awesome! My family and I went to Leavenworth which was a blast. Ammon sled off this giant jump and totally face planted! His poor face is all cut up, but it was hilarious! We also watched Despicable Me which is an awesome movie!! So funny. Additionally I played Majora's Mask, I freaking love that game.
I went to Zach's (Shawnta's boyfriend) house for New Years, it was quite enjoyable. Except we watched this overly weird movie that was not even remotely scary. It was just messed up to the extreme. Then on Saturday Shawnta and I hopped in the magic blue honda and drove down to Portland to visit Brett & Carol and my family. It was a blast! Except for on the drive back, the back window of course fell down and so we drove 2 hours in 12 degree weather, with a measly blanket draped over our legs, and shiz for heating. Needless to say it was the coldest drive of my existence. Then Shawnta and I went over to Carly's cabin to have a little get together with her and Bailey! It was great to just talk and catch up-for 7 hours.. :) And Bailey has kitties! I'm so jealous! I want to get a secret kitty and hide it from my landlord, but I don't think it would work... But anyway I miss my family a lot and loved spending time with them this Christmas :) So since I've been back I have: attempted to shave my legs in the 2x2ft shower, done one load of laundry, watched inception, gone hot tubbing, eaten at the Blue Lemon, traveled to the top of the church office building, ridden Trax, watched Love Potion No. 9, gotten a makeover at Bare Escentuals, slept with Kelsey *wink wink*, put up my Porn For Women calendar, annnnd I'm not sure if I've done anything else worthwhile. 
I'm really excited for this semester! I'm hopefully going to get a new job, get STRAIGHT As, and best of all: not date. Or at least not steady date anyone. Nope! I'm going to be selfish and focus on me. So sorry to all the young men lined up outside my door and around the corner, I know you'll all be sorely disappointed. bahaha just kidding. but seriously... 
Laughs of the day: Imagining Tawni spending Christmas break extremely confused in California and being incredibly pissed off when she comes home. Imagining Kelsey getting off Trax and me staying on to prove a point and then me end up being wrong and Kelsey watches me ride around the corner.... 
Oh and WapYo made me a playdough pig! It's on my dresser :)
And I would like to add that blogspot is retarded and makes all my attempts at adding photos look stupid. Therefore there are only two freaking pictures in this blog. 

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