Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Hear in my Mind, All of This Music

Phone update!: My poor poor iPhone has not resurrected yet... :( BUT! My wonderful totally awesome parents surprised me at Red Robin (YUM!) last night with the brand new htc Windows Phone! It's realllllly snazzy. I like it a lot. Although I'm having problems choosing between it and the iPhone 3GS.... I have bunch of music on iTunes, not Zune.... And I have an iHome.... And I have grown very fond of that Apple technology. However, the htc is very high-tech and fancy. It can do everything the iPhone can, plus more social stuff. I'M SO CONFLICTED!!!! At least I have another 13 days to make up my mind
But anyway I am home sweet home in good ole' worshington! It's wet and cold as per usual. But at least there's water and greenery! My flight yesterday was delayed 2 1/2 hours, which sucked, but thankfully Ali was there to keep me company! Alina Twitchell I miss you! There was this very attractive male on my flight, and I totally could have sat next to him, except there were empty seats surrounding him and there was a very long line of grumpy people behind me and he was just so handsome that I couldn't pluck up the courage to ask if I could take the seat next to him. haha FAIL. But I did sit next to this very nice young man who let me watch a movie with him during the flight! My family was at the gate with a welcome home sign and all. And then my bros literally tackled me. I've missed them so! But I have not missed their odor... I think they need to be reminded where the shower is. 
This is what it looked like from Weds-Fri
Hmm what else.... Oh my eye seems to be all better! I think I can finally wear makeup now! And I don't know if I said this but I moved into Kelsey's room! It's so much fun! Except the shower is the tiniest thing on this planet. I can rest my chin on my knee while shaving..... I would like to thank Kirsten Bertha Williams for her bathrobe, family pictures, owl tank, pillows, bow ring, and I'm sure some other miscellaneous items. :)
Today Shawnta came and kidnapped me! We gave Stacey and Vern's dog a bath which was enjoyable and hilarious since Sadie is such a spaz! Now Shawnta's going to dinner with Zach's family and we might have a sleepover tonight... I dunno.
I played Zelda last night... hahahaha ohhhh boy. :)
I'm surprised I left all this clothing at home! It's like when you find money in your pocket that you didn't know you had!
I'm so grateful for my amazing family! I have truly missed them and love seeing them. For example, Ethan just walked into the room with a sour expression on his face, clutching his moobs, and asking if Quinn killed him. What a treat. Haha.
And I'm not sure what else to say... Except I love being home, my mom and I are going to make Christmas candies, and keep smiling :)

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