Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wrapping Paper and Stocking Stuffings

Wishlist: Part Two
Two blogs in one day? For shame.

My New Policy
GUESS? Jeans- dark wash, 0
Sheet Music
New Bedding
Falsies Mascara
Aussie Hairspray
iPhone paid for
Perfume--Berry Kiss (Victoria's Secret), Very Sexy (Victoria's Secret), Poppy (COACH), Vera Wang Princess, Nina (Nina Ricci), Refuge (Charlotte Russe)

A Car- Mini Cooper S
iPhone 4G
Lady Gaga Tickets
A Puppy
That one guy...

OH! So today I was walking out of the BC and there was this superbly attractive male coming toward me on his skateboard, he was doing funny little movements and then he looked up and we made eye contact and he smiled sheepishly. It was quite adorable. I love him.
Oh! and I got freaking $3500 in Financial Aid! That covers tuition, books, rent for four months, and a laptop! YESSSSS!
Also today we got cookies and eggnog in my Book of Mormon class, it was splendid.
Speaking about Book of Mormon class I would just like to rant for a second about certain types of mormons. The "humble" type. Not so. I have never heard a more rehearsed and mocking prayer in my entire life. It's the opening prayer of class, not a freaking sermon. And the inflection and tone he uses in praying just makes me want to strangle him! It reminds me of the people on the rameumptom, seriously. And there is this one girl who insists on commenting on everything, and just sounds like a stupid kick-me dog. I try so hard not to turn around and give her a 'wtf' look every time she opens her mouth. Additionally, there is the know-it-all type, who insists on invoking his knowledge upon anyone with ears, whether they care or not. Which 99.99999999% of the time they don't. But still, he has to show that he is far more scholarly than anyone else could ever hope to be. These 3 types of people are all incredibly fake, in my opinion, and I hope they truly convert someday. I just don't like Utah mormons in general.
On a lighter note, I found another pair of men's underwear on the sidewalk today. That has gotta be the 4th pair I've seen since moving out here. I'll admit, it certainly makes my walks to school more interesting.


  1. haleigh :) we musttt be cousins, because i have two of those perfumes that you want! berry kiss and very sexy. they are my favorites. you might also like pink which i am asking for this year because it also smells beautiful.

  2. Your blog is sooo cute!! Those 3 types of Mormons are sooo obnoxious especially the first kind, because you can't make fun of them... well I always feel like I can't. But I'm super glad you did!! Love ya girl :)

  3. PS- my mom used to call those little yapper dogs kick-me dogs! Did you get that from your mom?? Now my mom doesn't anymore though because she's "repented"... haha she gets annoyed everytime we say something about it.

  4. Aw thanks you guys! I love Pink! haha And yes I did get that from my mom! Our moms must be related!



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