Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life is a Bittersweet Symphony

I absolutely 100% truly hate awkward moments. Yes they are occasionally funny, however I almost always feel so helpless and unsure of what to do- and I don't want to hurt people's feelings. AND SO! I just end up being a big frazzled ball of confusion, trying to be as nice as I can possibly be, but ultimately avoiding the much needed to be addressed subject and saying goodnight. Just shoot me now please.
Rewind exactly a month and 2 days. There! Perfection.
On a different note, I am a freak. Why? Because I have been craving Zelda like a withdrawn crack whore. It's quite pathetic. It is actually a HUGE reason of why I am so excited to go home- in 12 days!!!!
And guess what!? Ty is coming to visit me in 2 days!! I'm practically peeing my pants out of excitement.
WHYYYYYYY do I always blog at like 2 in the morning! I have freaking class at 10! I'm exhausted! Which is odd since I slept in til 5 pm today.... Don't worry, I'm not quite that lazy. I had a migraine. Blech.
Reasons I am excited to go home for break: My family! Shawnta! Zelda! Leavenworth?! My brand new bed! My brand new bookshelf!(oh I love you baby...) Christmas candy! A CAR! Greenery and Water!
I wish the fort we made was this cool
Reasons I am NOT excited to go home for break: A curfew-what am I like 14 again? Seeing people from highschool...With the exception of Shawnta, Bailey, Carly, and Alex.
At least the positives outweigh the negatives.
...I find it funny how everyone around you can be telling you one thing, but you refuse to believe it, to give in to their opinion, because you feel differently. Your heart tells you something different from your mind, and you choose to go with that feeling, no matter how confused and miserable you end up becoming. This tends to happen to me frequently apparently haha. My mind says 'who cares?', but my heart whispers 'you do, stupid'.Typical Haleigh. Gooooood one.
Okay there is this one Gorillaz song "Rhinestone Eyes", and I swear at one point they go "hey I like big tits big tits!" Kirsten insists they don't, but I have my doubts.
Btdub check out the song "Four Floors" by Sunday Girl-Diplo Remix. LOVE. It's on my playlist.
Ewwww I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'd rather hang out with my lovely roommate Ali! However there is a definite possibility I'll get off early. Yay for Forever 21 not being able to pay their employees.
Sometimes I wish I had an Australian accent. I would instantly be 10 billion times cooler, right? Yes.
This blog is unbelievably random. Sorry. It's 2:30 am.
KIRSTEN'S MOVING BACK TO OKLAHOMA! FOR GOOD! I am so distraught. :( Seriously. I love her. You know, I just might get her a rose in a tube, because I love her to pieces. Haha............
I was on the phone with my father today, and he really made me realize the meaning of being careful for you wish for. You just might get it. And then NOT want it. Oh I am indeed a hot mess. Haha when I'm upset I don't listen to "screamo" like Kirsten, I listen to insensitive, disrespectful and explicit music. Cooooooool.
Hopefully the cute pictures will compensate for the overall crappiness of this here blog :)

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