Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cloudy Monday in the City of Smog

I FOUND MY PHONE!!!! It was on Kelsey's bed under her sweatshirt. However, this is not entirely a celebratory moment. It refuses to turn on. And so right now it is on my desk, plugged into the charger, but still hibernating apparently. I just hope it doesn't die for good... :(
This is what I want right now :)
Today has been good thus far:
I danced in my undies to "All I Want For Christmas Is You" while drinking delicious Capri Sun!
Although my eyes are watering as badly as if I were crying a lot, my makeup looks pretty!
Chris complimented my complexion, saying it looks much better from the beginning of the year, and asked what skincare I use (ProActiv, if you're wondering :)
Kelsey came to Communications with me! (again...)
Annnd that's it so far.
I think I shall clean today. My mess. I mean, why would I clean someone else's stuff, even if I used it? It's not my crap. That's just ridiculous. I think I'll throw something on the floor too, just because it's in my way. Hey, it's not mine, so why care about it? I only care about my stuff :)
"I know that murder is bad... but sometimes it's an intriguing idea!"-Ali
GAH! I cannot wait to go home. Thank heavens it'll happen soon, otherwise I'd have to resort to murder.

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