Sunday, November 7, 2010

You Can Grow Flowers From Where Dirt Used to Be

Alright let's face it, my summer ended horribly. Except for the morning I had hot chocolate with my best friend Shawnta at 5:30 before she left for the happiest place on earth and for the night before I left that I spent with Carly Roberts, Bailey Boyd, and Alex Sizemore, 3 of my best friends in the universe!
And then I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. With no friends, very little money, and just a hope to get away and better myself.
I met 3 wonderful girls (also my roommates): Kirsten, Kelsey, and Ali. They are all so sweet, happy, beautiful, funny, and absolutely uplifting. We get along so well and I know they will always be there for me.
I have a wonderful ward with great smiling people.
I have a job with Kirsten and Kelsey at Forever 21, and I just found out that this great guy Michael, who also goes to my ward, works with us! We're all going to get sushi this week :)
I get to go to my Book of Mormon class and feel the spirit and peace.
I met a great guy named Ethan whom I hope to always be friends with.
Kirsten, Kelsey and I invented chocolate cake batter pancakes.
Skype exists.
Kate Nash writes wonderful songs such as "Merry Happy"
We made a quote wall, new additions are as follows:
"You are such a feign." -Kirsten
"I'll part your mom." -Kelsey
"The other night Haleigh, while you lay sleeping, I opened my eyes and I watched you." (to the tune of you are my sunshine) -Kelsey
"My boobs are glowing." -Kelsey
"Confederates were the team that lost, right?" -Heather
"I want to have a hundred kids!" "That's disgusting, considering how kids are made." -Two Primary Children

Additionally, Kirsten has the most amazing stereo ever and I love to blast it.
The sun still shines, and you can look up pictures of Olympia.
There are wishing flowers.
I paint my nails and BAM, I'm more energetic and productive. It's like a drug...
My aunt Lila is just a half hour away and takes good care of me.
I went to dinner with the Shield family and Carol, Jonny and Tiff, Sarah and Bryce, Grandma and Grandpa, Kelly and Dahl, and Heather. It was splendid :)
I'm going to Hawaii with Carly Roberts. Be jealous.
KAHK (Kirsten Ali Haleigh Kelsey) is (are?) going to do yoga together.
My dad figured out my iTunes/iPhone relationship.
My mom is always there to talk to me in her Russian accent :)
Corbin left his Stephen's hot cocoa here.
Ali has a car.
He Is We makes me smile. (I'm really feeling "Pardon Me" right now... haha)
I could go on forever and ever, but I miss Kirsten and Kelsey so I think I'll go upstairs.
Baby Keep Smilin' :)



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