Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And to Compound on My Misery, My Bread is Moldy.

Boom la verdad. On Monday I made toast and took a bite and realized it was no longer edible. I was upset. Kelsey was witness to my frustration.
And now in this series of unfortunate events, I'd like to add another chapter.
IT 102 is back again to ruin my life.
I dropped that class, or so I thought until I got a call from a girl, a very rude girl actually, from the registration office at the school telling me that if I dropped IT 102 I'd have to drop English as well. Aw hell no.
I'm not dropping English so I guess I'll just take the F from IT since I haven't been going for the past 3 weeks since I dropped it!
Thanks a lot IT. You win. eff me sideways.

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