Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun Fact: 2 Liters of Sodium Chloride will make your boobs grow!

It was the first day on the job: orientation. Everything was going swell and we were literally passing the finish line when Kirsten tripped. Figuratively of course. She turned completely pale, white lips and all. Completely zoned out, lost parts of her vision, finally sat down on the floor, vomited twice into their trash can, and was barely able to walk back home. So we rushed her to Urgent Care where they took her blood and urine and pumped two liters of Sodium Chloride into her veins. Then they drugged her up and we went home to a clean living room (thanks Kelsey) and promptly watched Tyra and fell asleep.
That night we went crazy. Not figuratively.
We baked cookies and blasted music and painted Lady Gaga while dancing and going insane.
Then Kelsey came home and we stayed up til the wee hours of the morning talking and having a grand old time.
Sickness messes with your mind. But we kind of like it... haha

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