Monday, November 22, 2010

Life is Factually Wonderful

FACT: is one of the most amazing websites there are. along with
FACT: Wishes do come true- as long as you blow out all the dandelion seeds and close your eyes on 11:11
FACT: Rinsing your hair with cold water makes it softer, shinier, and retains the delicious smell of your condish
FACT: Snow is magical
FACT: Laughing boosts your immune system
FACT: Harry Potter is the most magical series of all time
FACT: Regina Spektor is indeed a musical genius
FACT: Andy Samberg is incredibly beyond sexy.
FACT: I am now a brunette.
FACT: Kirsten makes very delicious pancakes
FACT: Cake batter pancakes are to die for.
FACT: I am obsessed with my miraculous bra.
FACT: I am obsessed with the song "I'm on a Boat"
FACT: I can be immature sometimes- who isn't?
FACT: I laugh way too hard when people fall down the stairs... and have other mishaps.
FACT: This house is way too scary in a janky neighborhood with prostitutes, crack heads, and criminals galore.
FACT: Ali's sherbet is calling to me... but it's off limits
FACT: I have been trying to write this blog for a couple days and I just keep getting distracted!

Okay so basically I am apparently a sexy brunette that "looks really cute" in a leather jacket (according to a complete stranger from church today.)
And I purchased my dream tights yesterday. Yes I have dream tights. I have wanted them for a long long time. They are so cute!
Also, Harry Potter is freaking awesome. I just had to say that.
AND I think Kirsten was just tired so that's why she was being so salty.

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