Sunday, November 28, 2010

Like Vines We Intertwined

One Sunday immediately after sacrament meeting whilst still sitting in the pew, I turned to my mother and said, "I want to move. To Utah." The tears started streaming down my face before I finished the sentence and my mom, dad and I went outside to talk. We all knew it was the right choice, that it was the best decision that could be made for me. Whether I went to school or not- I was going to move to Utah. We randomly (yeah it was inspired:) thought of LDS Business College and talked with the Bishop, who also felt that this was the right thing for me to do.
And so we made plans.
I told hardly anyone. I remember being in the kitchen with Shawnta at Stacey and Vern's house, cutting watermelon and telling her that I was moving. We started crying, but stopped almost immediately haha because we had to enjoy the rest of the summer together. 
The morning she left at 6am for Disneyland, 2 days before I would leave, we sipped hot cocoa in her kitchen, and promised to keep in touch. 
Sometimes, when we talk on the phone, we cry because we miss each other so much.
I spent the night before I left with some of the most amazing girls I've ever met. Bailey, Carly and Alex. They're all so talented and beautiful and smart. We just sat in Bailey's room and talked for hours-and I miss them lots.
But I knew I needed to come out here, for some reason or another, this is where I was supposed to be.
I have had so many wonderful experiences out here, and met so many wonderful people. I'm so grateful for Kelsey, Kirsten and Ali, because they have become some of my best friends. 
I've learned a lot about being on my own, about making mistakes and about moving on. 
I've learned to be myself, to make my own choices, to realize my own dreams. 
Some mornings I wake up, and just want to go back to sleep for forever. But those are just the days when you've gotta roll right outta bed, stretch, and then say gonna shine! haha I was singing that musical (SMILE) in the shower today. 
Ignite the Light and Let it Shine
But I've learned that I can't just sit around thinking about dumb things all day, or wishing I had Hermione's time turner, I need to do something with my life. 
And I've learned that I am responsible for my own happiness- and dang it I like being happy!
and holy crap I just deleted this whole blog accidentally. thank heavens for ctrlZ. 
Annnd thank heavens for Shawnta, who texts me at 4 in the morning because we both can't sleep :) 
Someday, something will click and life will finally make sense, but until then I'm just going to be the best (and apparently cheesiest) me I can be. 
"Like vines we intertwined, carelessly growing up and growing old. Life was on our tongues, it tasted heavenly, so good."-The Hush Sound
There is always a reason to smile, so baby, just keep smilin' :)

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