Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bible, I have a job. Bible.

Okay so my house is legitimately haunted. No joke. When Kirsten first moved in, she was all alone in the house during the middle of the day and some one "psst!"ed her ear. We hear people going up and down the stairs (not all the time, but often enough) when in reality no one is. Ethan went down to the basement, BY HIMSELF, to check the pilot light for our furnace and one of the doors to a room down there started opening. Kelsey went into the laundry room last night and something moved right outside the window. It is impossible for someone do stand on the ground and be seen by that window at a glance. Last night I was in the living room by myself and someone/thing moved in the dining room, a girl's voice said something coming from the direction of the dining room, and then she gasped in my ear. I swear on my life I was not hearing things, I tried to imitate the sound to see if I had made it while I was dozing off. Nope. Couldn't do it. I have never believed in the supernatural but I am seriously freaked. Needless to say I bolted up to my room and pulled the covers tight over me!
So today Kirsten and I decided that we were going to go to freaking every store in the Gateway and pick up applications and then spend the ENTIRE afternoon filling them out and then turn them in that evening. Yeah it was going to be a super productive day (probably because I painted my nails bright fuchsia, I tend to be inherently more productive when I paint my nails...) Then Kelsey's all like "I'm going to this interview for Forever 21 today at 3." So we wished her good luck and then around two we walked into Forever 21 to pick up applications and this super cool dude gave us the apps and said to come back at 3 for a group interview he was conducting. And so we raced home, changed, and filled out the application (that is the fastest I have ever filled out an application- less than 5 minutes!) And literally sprinted back to the Gateway. (It's a normal 20 minute walk, we left at 2:46 and made it there at exactly 3:00. Oh yeah. Skills.) There were in total 6 of us that showed up for the group interview and we did it outside, while these young men were getting arrested only a stone's throw away. Kelsey, Kirsten and I didn't think we would get the job. There was this other girl there who was a former manager at Hot Topic where she managed employees and did lots of managing duties. Did I mention she was a manager? Afterward we were a little disappointed and walked around the gateway grabbing applications from nearly every store! (which I'm super stoked because I found where they have like a treasure trove of bumble and bumble products. yessss.....) But anyway Kevin (the manager man) said he would call by 7 o'clock that night if we got the job.
So we went home, thinking really nothing of the interview and I bought only 7 billion songs on iTunes including!: Like a G6, I Love College, Get Low, Double Vision, Monster, LoveGame, I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby, Carry Out, and Get U Home. I really needed every single one of these songs...
But anyway at exactly 6:02 I got a phone call from a mysterious Utah number and answered it excitedly. It was good ole' Kevin calling to tell me he wanted me to work at Forever 21!!!! The call lasted approximately 55 seconds and it was one of the best 55 seconds of my life fo sho. Afterward Kirsten and I were screaming and then her phone rang and then we screamed some more and then like 10 mins later Kelsey's phone rang and we were all screaming and jumping and it was glorious. Only in heaven could the three of us bestest roomies get a job together. We must have died.
I have a job. Bible.

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