Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Morning SL, UT!

Okay I guess it's technically afternoon, but I just woke up! If you follow the blog Like, Whoa! which you totally should! You'd know that Kirsten and I stayed up til 8 AM! Yes. And what were we doing? Painting, making cookies, listening to freaking awesome music, whippin our hair like a G6, watching the most HILARIOUS VIDEO EVER, creating blogs, editing photos, and just having a grand old time. Today Ali and I are going to the doctor with Kirsten for moral support. Hopefully all goes well!
And can I just throw in that certain ignorant people in this house reallllllly piss me off! Grr.
I feel like since I now have three blogs that this could be borderline obsessive. Whatevs.
I've gotta go shower now since I look like a legit zombie!

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