Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paparazzi and Painting

Woke up in Kirsten's bed with Kelsey and Kirsten because we were all wimps last night and slept together throughout the frightening storm. Had a pleasant time in my Book of Mormon class, after braving the wintry cold of Salt Lake City on October 25th. Seriously my wool toggle coat still let the icy cold permeate my body. BRR. Came home, did laundry (YES my favorite panties + Gryffindor shirt are CLEAN! Epitome of Happiness right there) Read Uglies, slept until 4:30. Showered, curled my hair, and then went to dinner for Shane's Birthday with Kirsten, Ethan, Shane, Chris, and Ansley at Thaifoon. It was delicious and enjoyable. Afterward Kirsten and I satisfied our need for trash tv by watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. We're addicted. And I'm pretty sure Ethan is too.. Haha. 
There is this strange noise coming from the heating vent right beneath me.... 
OH and I totes just listened to Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. bahaha.
--This is titled Paparazzi and Painting because I was listening to paparazzi by LADY GAGA and painting... :)
Also, stumbleupon.com is theeee best website created. Possibly even better than facebook. But perhaps not. 
And now for a list of quotes that have been said in our house:

"It looks like we slammed a smurf into the wall..."-Kirsten
"THE SEX."-Everyone
"Did you just say zesty cock!?"-Ethan 
"Smell my hand. Be seduced."-Haleigh
"I've never seen your boobs look like that."-Kelsey
"It was weird. And wet."-Haleigh
"If I ever catch you guys trying to lick my elbow I SWEAR!"-Kirsten
"They may not be big, but when they aren't contained it's gross!"-Kirsten
"Skeet skeet skeet skeet aw skeetin' all over the place skeet skeet still skeetin'! I will skeet on her..."-Kelsey
"Lure him in here with your lips Haleigh!"-Kelsey
"Yes murder is bad, but sometimes it's an intriguing idea."-Ali


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