Monday, September 16, 2013


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Tomorrow is my first official day of school! I'm taking online courses through BYU-I, and I'm very nervous/excited for it. My plan is to finish up my associate's degree in general studies there, and then transfer to the University of Washington. 
There is a lot of anxiety associated with going back to school for me- I kind of hate school. 
I absolutely LOVE learning, but I don't love homework/tests/being forced to take classes that have nothing to do with my major etc.
So anyway, a lot of prayer, thought, and positive thinking have been put into this step of my life! Wish me luck!

Zach hurt his shoulder at the academy this past week. Back in high school he tore his rotator cuff, and this time it appears he strained it pretty painfully. Luckily, the doctor just wrote it off as a strain so he was able to continue attending the academy, and wasn't forced to be sent out into the field. I swear, that boy is the most accident prone person I know! 

I'm actually pretty upset that summer is basically over. I have a hard time with the cold, dreary months of the year. I guess that's why we invented wonderful things like corn mazes, hot cocoa, candies, grandiose meals, and parties though; I must not be the only one struggling with the absence of sunshine and heat!
I swear though, when the husb and I are older and rich (haha), we'll live in the Pacific Northwest for part of the year, and Fiji for the other part!  

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