Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My official birthday was sadly spent without the husb :( However, he made Hay Day so fantastic that it didn't really matter.
If you can't tell, I LOVE hiking and basically anything outdoors. So for my birthday I went hiking with my madre y hermanos to Priest Point Park, definitely one of my favorite hikes! Its GORGEOUS, and it's so easy; bonus!

 They're so cute!


Not really sure what that face is Quinn, but we'll go with it.

 Silhouettin' it upp

Washington has my heart.

There are all of these really awesome trees here, and this was at one of the lookout points. I decided I wanted to climb out on the tree, and didn't realize that it was a HUGE drop to my death if I slipped. Mom was pretty scared for me!

I had chocolate trifle for dessert, my FAVE dessert ever. I will have to post a recipe for it on here. It is absolutely divine. In fact, our ward will have dessert auctions to raise money for youth camps sometimes, and this trifle has sold for over $100 before!

So.... I miss Zach a lot. Like a lot a lot. It pretty much sucks every time I have to watch him drive away for a week.

And he's so handsome doing it, so it makes it even harder to say goodbye!
The first week of the academy was super rough. I guess a lot of the cadets cried that week! Talk about stressful. Zach got some pretty bad burns on his hands from planking on scalding hot cobblestone.
And he just got maced this past week!

Afterward he had to complete an obstacle course consisting of hand to hand combat, finding car keys, unlocking a vehicle, radio-ing for help etc. INTENSE.
And pretty soon here he'll be tased, and tear gassed.
Don't get me wrong, he gets to do fun things too! He is improving his shooting skills, he'll be taught how to drive like a pro on the most prestigious law enforcement drive course in the country, and a bunch of other cop things.

I'm just a little grumpy that I only get to talk/text him for a total of like 20 minutes a day. And then I only see him from Friday night til Sunday night.
But! I should be grateful that he's not deployed somewhere for an extended period of time where I could never see him!
We've learned to treasure every moment we do have together.
T-Minus 5 months until he's back home full time!!

For now I'll get by on these sweet love notes.

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