Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My birthday shenanigans started off the Saturday before my birthday, (because he'd be in the academy on my actual birthday but he wanted to celebrate it with me still) a day dubbed by Zach as....
He marked it on the calendar and I was all confused and trying to figure out how one uses the expression "hay-day" because I thought he was referring to that. *facepalm* 
But nope! It was just one of his cute ideas similar to "Princess Haleigh Day" aka the best day ever haha. 
Anyway! We went to our ward's BBQ social, and then went hiking at Mima Falls in the Olympic National Forest. 
Gorgeous field of weeds behind the church

Our little snake friend! 

Mima Falls! Our hike was slightly anti-climactic. But still 8 miles of fun! (Sorry about the poor quality/lighting of these photos. My phone's camera is like dying... Luckily I'm due for an upgrade, so whenever I can justify spending money on a phone I will!)

Our little frog friend! I tried to catch him and ended up slipping and getting mud alllllll over my legs and butt. 

Zach was SO excited to see bees on the wildflowers and had to get a picture! 

Later that night (after a much needed nap) Zach threw a piece of paper at me and then ran out the door. The paper had a clue to find one of my presents on it, and he led me on a present scavenger hunt! It was AWESOME. My dad recorded each clue encounter: (please excuse my outfit... like I said, we took a nap and so I was just in sweats and that fashionable headband...)
My bros got a little carried away with the whole Zelda chest opening music haha

Have I told you that my husband is the most thoughtful, sweet, and creative man alive?? He is. Hay Day was amazing, and I am SO blessed to have such a caring eternal companion. 

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