Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Things have been going wonderfully since we moved up here.
Zach is slaving away at the State Patrol office until his arming class. He actually just went on his first ride-along, which was apparently "so intense". Oh, and he's still extraordinarily handsome. 
He has been working out tirelessly so he can pass his PT tests in the 90th percentile. (Because only the best of the best graduate the academy) 
My mother and I have been keeping ourselves busy! We've been exercising together, deep cleaning/re-organizing the house, making breakfast/lunch/dinner for everyone, AND planning a huge road trip! It's been tiring, but fun. 

So that 'huge roadtrip' we're planning is not exactly by choice. My grandpa (on my mom's side) was living with my parents for a few months, but then very recently moved down to Arizona. However, he flew down. So allll of his stuff (plus car) is still here. The purpose of this adventure is to drive his car, with all his belongings, down to his new crib. However, we've decided to make it fun along the way! 

>>My mother came up with the name of the trip haha<<
Thus far the plan is to drive straight to my aunt Lila's house in Roy, UT and spend the night there. We'll be stopping briefly at City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake City, and then heading on down to the Grand Canyon, with another brief stop at aunt Cathy's in Cannonville, UT. From there we will arrive at our destination in sunshine-y Sahuarita, AZ, and then fly back to WA a couple days later. I'm kind of scared for it all. But fingers crossed that it'll be at least bearable!

Whilst running around the neighborhood we've noticed that spring is FINALLY here!! I could not be more excited about it. Spring in Olympia is gorgeous.
One of my goals lately is to be better about reading the scriptures daily, keeping a journal, and keeping up on personal prayer. My mom presented us all with "The Translation Challenge". It's where you read the Book of Mormon, start to finish, from April 7th to June 30th; this being the amount of time it took Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to translate it.
So to help me with all of this, I made a daily to-do list!
Isn't it so cute? I'm kind of obsessed with arrows & triangles lately. 
I created it, printed it out on cardstock, and then put it in a picture frame. Since it's behind glass I can mark it with a dry-erase marker everyday! 
If you have access to the internet I'm sure you've seen those hilarious posts where they take one of those dumb 'things about boys' tumblr pics and attach a somewhat related picture underneath it. That doesn't really explain it very well, sorry. Here's what I'm talking about: 

This is by far my favorite one! I was dying when I first saw it. Just so much yes in one image. Hahahah
the bloomfields

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