Monday, January 21, 2013

Some January Insta-love

January is a big month for our family because it's Zach's birthday month! Yayyyyy! Way too close to Christmas haha. He got spoiled this year (after all, you only turn 24 once!). 
While I was shopping for present bags at Zurcher's I saw this amazing life size cutout of Darth Vader. I HAD to get it for him! Why? Why not?! 
He was elated when he walked in and saw the Sith Lord in his living room. 

Perhaps 'he was in love' is a better statement. #vadergetsmorelovethanthewife

For Christmas I gave him some wacky socks that matched his pajamas, and he decided he "wants to get into cool socks". Soo thank you Urban Outfitters for making your socks "cool"!
He also got a bunch of vinyl record stuff (a current obsession of his), and some kickboxing classes! And of course, Fleming's cheesecake for dessert; a definite family favorite. 
A call from the Washington State Patrol Cadet Board would have made his birthday 10000000000x better... But no. We're still waiting on that. 

In other news, our cats are still silly.
Kelsey and I have been trying to do more photoshoots for The Petite Lookbook (an awesome fashion blog that you should definitely follow!). 
Hooray for the discovery of dry shampoo! 

I sometimes 'borrow' my husband's shirt- because it is literally the most fantastic thing I've ever seen.
What's not to love about kittens with lasers shooting out of their eyes??

Annnd I practically live in my boots. Because there is still too much snow on the ground and the cold permeates anything less than two pairs of socks and thick leather boots. 
Why do I live in Utah??????
I know I've said this in the past few posts, but we're desperately hoping to get out of this state soon! Like I've said, we're just waiting for the cadet board to review Zach's background check. If he passes, we'll fly him up there for the psychological evaluation and if he passes that, he's a shoe-in for hire. 
So dear government, 
I know speed isn't your strong suit, but please try to hurry! 
Sincerely, 13 weeks is long enough. 

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