Thursday, January 31, 2013

facebook free

i have been wanting to give up facebook for a lonnng long time; there are many reasons why it just doesn't need to be part of my life anymore.
i basically only use it when i'm extremely bored, but even then i just browse the newsfeed-which is a huge problem by itself. the scathing politcal propaganda, and pointless adolescent drama just leave me feeling irritated. not to mention the constant bombardment of selfies--please, get over yourself already. see? even thinking about it makes me annoyed! haha

aside from perusing the statuses of others, i rarely do anything to update my own profile. i might occassionally add pictures, or post a link to my blog, but it all seems pointless to me.
my husband gave up facebook about a year ago, and he's kind of my inspiration for this.
so as of today, January 31st, 2013, i am officially facebook free! can i get an amen!?

if you really care about the happenings of the bloomfield family's life you can follow our instagrams (@haleighbloomfield & @bl00mdaddy) and/or follow this blog :)

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