Saturday, March 17, 2012

{march madness}

What a wonderful winter to spring transitioning time it's been! 
Many fantastic things have happened, and most of them have just been everyday blessings.
Salt Lake weather has been beautiful! I haven't worn a jacket or even sweater outside for almost a week:) Plus the sun is shining all the time which is quite uplifting.
Pierre is getting sooo big! We've had many of our windows open and he just loves to sit on the window  sill people watching and meowing at the birds. 

Look how adorable and adventurous he is! He does great outside, until he hears a car or a loud noise. And yes I have a harness and leash for my cat. Whatever. 
I became a florist at work. Well not really, but I did attempt to arrange these cheap flowers in a bouquet for a guest... who didn't even show up for his reservation. But oh well. I got to take the flowers home and they're pretty. 
Natalie, Jason, and Carson came over and we all enjoyed a weekend of great food! haha. Zach could hardly contain his baby hungriness when we babysat Carson. He's going to make a great dad:)

Mama Bloomfield and I drove up to Idaho to meet my sisters-in-law for the Time Out For Women conference, which was AWESOME! I think that deserves its' own blog. 
Aren't we all so cute?? :D
It was nice to spend time with Zach's family for sure.
And this is probably the best video you will ever see. 

More to come in this fabulous month:
I diligently search for a new job, because Z'Tejas is just not working out
City Creek Center opens next week so I can finally buy these shoes
Zach and I are taking Gary and his fiance out to dinner so he'll do my hair
And Zach and I debate buying another car

Stay tuned ;)

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