Sunday, March 25, 2012

{filling my life with positivity}

So after only a few weeks of working at Z'Tejas, I have put in my two weeks.
I have never quit a job solely because of its' negative impact on me. Many of the people at Z's are rude, negative, selfish, and unforgiving. They think only of themselves and are blatantly rude to me and others constantly. They always have to complain about something.
I didn't really consider that consistently being around such negativity could have such an extreme effect on my personal life and attitude.
But it did/does and it's high time for a change.
So I quit! And I don't know if I'll look for another job... We'll see.
For now, my last day is the 4th and I am ecstatic!
Oh and Fleming's is still fantastic and my favorite job ever. Hopefully I'll start training to be a busser soon and make twice as much money! (did you know they make about $20/hour??? yeah. awesome)

In other news... cars are expensive! Even on craigslist and ksl!
But I realized what I really want is a bike.
And besides, walking to work is always an option.

I finally got some tennis shoes! $25 for a $70 pair? Yeah, I'm a shopping queen.
Today I walked all over the city in them! And did some danceaerobics!
I plan on running every morning as well! Gotta train for that 5k:)
Annd speaking of fitness, I am so out of shape. I just jogged to and from the Maverick. THE MAVERICK. 4 blocks total. And I was like dying. That is sad. 
In my defense (although this is still pathetic), I haven't jogged at all since junior year of high school.

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