Saturday, November 13, 2010

Borderline Love and Death

First off, just gotta say that Kelsey and Corbin are my favorite couple! :) They are in love. For real. My second favorite would be Shawnta and Zach. Or perhaps they are tied? Oh well. Love them both
But now down to the business of this blog; it is a severe re-cap of past past past events. I can't believe I completely forgot about it, it has such an amazing title! That probably no one except Kelsey and Kirsten will get... Oh well!
Basically Kirsten got deathly ill, I got pretty ill. One night, when Kirsten had the heater on full blast, I woke up unable to breathe and flopped off the top bunk and ran into Kelsey's cold cold room. It was sweet relief to my lungs.
I really do not remember what this post was supposed to be about...
Kirsten, Kelsey and I watched the 1980 version of The Shining! It was creeeeeeepy. There was a moldy lady in the bathroom. I did not understand at all. All I know is I'm a bit freaked out by hotels now. and bears...

"'Cause we're so uninspired, so sick and tired, of all the hatred you harbor."-Lily Allen

Oh man last night, well first of all Kirsten was so tired she was like going crazy. I was just going plain old crazy, and Kelsey was going country crazy. But anyway we were all in Kirsten's bed again, it's pretty much the norm almost, and Kelsey said reverted and I started laughing and said that rhymed with perverted and then we all came up with this song and part of it goes "So I reverted to being perverted" we were legit dying of laughter. Legitimately because I started coughing my lungs out from laughing so hard and Kelsey couldn't breathe. And well Kirsten wasn't laughing because she was a wee bit tired and grumpy. And her neck was hurting her. And she was uber salty about not getting cookies.
I really wish I had money so I could buy food, and clothes, and design-y stuff, and plane tickets, and shampoo, and basically a bunch of stuff.
Scrubs really makes you think about life. So do showers and long cold walks by yourself.
Cleaning opens new parts of your mind completely receptive to new ideas.
Recess lighting and table lamps make everything seem more relaxed.
There's something so reassuring and happy about various un-matching books being stacked together.
You can still be in your bra and undies in the freezing cold, as long as you have a blanket made out of love, and a friend to share in your need for freedom.
And no Kevin, if I had $50 I would not buy the houndstooth coat I already possess, I would buy a large bulky sweater, thermal leggings, wool socks, and lined rain boots. and I would wear that every single day of winter.
And when you finally charge your camera's battery only to find pictures and videos of some of the happiest moments of your life, you should probably delete them all.

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