Thursday, June 27, 2013


Zach had a Lasik consultation appointment in Renton, so afterward we had lunch in Seattle and walked around downtown for a bit. It was a gorgeous day to do so!

The 10 days prior to his actual Lasik surgery he couldn't wear contacts, so he was stuck wearing his adorably dorky glasses :)

And obviously I've become a little too obsessed with the Afterlight app. Forgive me. 

Bellatrix turned 1!! (Please excuse the fact that we are not all in this picture) Isn't she adorable??

Car shot on the way to Ammon's last choir concert. Suuuuper sunbeam-y, but awesome. NATURE.

There he is about to get Lasik, sexy hair net and all! The laser sounded so scary/intense. And then after they did each eye, they took a tool and like played with the flap they made. Blech. 

He's going to kill me for adding this but...

He had to wear those goggles when he slept for a week and it was just too cute!!

The current, well I guess not current anymore, state patrol academy class had their graduation ceremony at the state capitol rotunda, and Zach invited me to go with him and his cadet buds. It was pretty cool to see exactly what's in store for when he graduates next March. And it made me very impatient for March to come along haha. 
He goes off to the academy's arming class on July 15th, and after that I'll only get to see him on weekends until December :( 
Once he's all graduated we'll move to the area he's assigned, and mayyyyyybbbe start trying for some baby Bloomfields. Maybe. We'll be praying and figuring out when that'll all occur.

My little brother, Ammon, graduated from high school! I can't even believe it. And soon he'll be leaving on his mission! It's so weird. To me he's still like 13. But he's awesome and amazing and will do marvelous things in life.

We attended my little cousin's baptism, and my aunt Jill has a bunch of my Grandpa Platter's books. It was a flashback to visiting him, and it was really great to hear more stories about him, and see all of the cool things he left behind. 
He was an amazing grandpa, and from what I understand, an all around phenomenal human being. I'm so grateful for the promise and blessing of eternal families that allows me to see him again some day :) 


Zach and I started watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, and we are so addicted. We watch it almost every night as soon as we're finished with dinner. IT'S LEGEN-wait for it-DARY! 

So there's a random update blog for ya! 


  1. I LOVE How I met your mother, I watched it all in like 1 or 2 weeks on Netflix, but now i'm behind because I never catch it on TV.
    I sugguest watching Doctor Who, maybe you won't like it but I love it =]

    1. My whole family LOVES Doctor Who! I've seen a couple seasons and I like it too! I didn't think anyone really knew about it haha



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